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Alfred Henry HOLLIS (1881-1952) or 'Unk' Alf Hollis

- Alfred Henry Hollis, 1935, Chelsea


Then at CHELSEA and at SILVAN

FOREWORD - by W. D. Knoll

Alfred Henry HOLLIS was born in 1881 at South Wandin Yallock, son of district pioneer, Hubert John Hollis & his wife Eliza Suckling. Alf Hollis contracted some illness of mobility and spent much of his life as a semi-invalid. He died at Wiseman Road, Burleigh, Silvan South, in 1952 and is buried in the Lilydale Pioneers Cemetery.

Uncle Alfred Henry Hollis was a people person, though due to illness he was cut off from many aspects of life. He was not very able in physique, but he dispite infirmities he had heart and mind for people, especially children. One of the few physical things he records doing this year of 1935 is making the tails of kites for the arial kite-play and pleasures of his grand nephews and neices.

He never married. But his correspondence is manifold and his letters to and from one particular widow seems to have been salted with the hope of love. I refer to a correspondent he calls I.N.H. I will leave you to see if you can puzzle out the mystery. In 1936 she lived in Prahran, but had formerly lived in Hollis Road, Burleigh, South Wandin Yallock.

Unk Alf, or just 'Unk' as I early on heard my father call him, refers to many people, family and neighbours, pioneering people of the Silvan district.

But Unk Alf does this with abbreviations, and so, I have provided Notes of Explanation for any new person introduced, or where ever I think a reminder is need to identify an individual.

Please, I have two other websites which thoroughly list all settlers so far found for the wider Wandin- Silvan district, so please refer to one or the other with the search function to find basic biographical details of people referred to.
1. - Pioneers of Silvan, South Wandin or 'The Mountain' ; INDEX of early 'SILVAN & WANDIN' - Wandin Yallock Pioneer Family SURNAMES - with origins, or other details-

2. - The Wandin Saga: Pioneers of The Wandins - INDEX of PIONEERS of WANDIN & SILVAN -continued


NOTES on the events of “THE FLOOD’ of the then recent quarter, of November & December 1934

– based on a written description given by ‘Kit’ Catherine Winifred Thompson KNOLL

-Carrum Creek / Patterson River in flood, December 1934

‘In 1934 we had 13 inches of rain on Nov 30th, Dec 1st & Dec 2nd, with a gale force wind of 63 miles per hour. It did untold damage in most parts of Victoria, washing away houses, bridges, and people.’

‘It had been the wettest October in the Melbourne district for 65 years. Warburton had 14 ½ inches. Mount Buffalo had 11 ½ inches. Gembrook 11 inches and Lilydale 10.’

‘Melbourne had 230 points in 24 hours. Gembrook 422 points. Korumburra 415. ‘

‘On December 1st & 2nd the Silvan Dam gauge recorded 13 inches for 3 days, with damage to pipelines to Melbourne. 10 people drowned, 9 of them in Gippsland. Gembrook has 1152 points in three days.’

‘Chelsea was inundated. Charlie’s mother & father were living in Chelsea at the time -from February 1933 to spring 1935.’

The Floodwaters reached as far as Chelsea Road, Chelsea

This was where Alf H Hollis was then living, with his sister and brother-in-law Will & Ada Knoll, plus Olive and her three Whittingham children, to which number was added George Hubert Hollis and his wife Helen ‘Nellie’ Bowles Hollis, from South Africa on an extended trip.

‘In the Dandenong Creek valley, 700 families were homeless. The flood came up to their (The Knoll’s) front doorstep.’ And no further. [As resident Uncle George Hollis, an old missionary, had prayed and believed would happen.]

Chelsea in Flood, December 1934 @ the State School, Corner of Argyle & Fowler Streets, Chelsea

In Gippsland the water was ten feet above the bridge and where the Princes highway crossed the river at Rosedale.

At South Silvan rain was incessantly blown under the back door so that water ran along towards the front and had to be constantly mopped up. The gale continued for three days. At Charles’s Knoll’s place large sections of the orchard were stripped to the tree roots, leaving them showing. A whole part of his acreage of hill and slope land slumped, and the shelf where the Knoll place was situated sunk several inches, leaving a step on the hill above, on neighbouring properties. Even altering the fixed boundary markers from the surveyed position, and shifting the allotment fences downhill. On the other side of the basin, above the Knoll’s chestnut groves, a separate smaller landslip left a step in the hill over a foot high, as was the case also for a small slip on the west side near the stable above the steep slope down to the Stony creek.

When the land was moving Charles & Kit could hear the wires on the passionfruit trellis twanging. The house creaked as if a wave of land under the house moved so that the front door went out of square, jamming the door against the jamb as the alignment of the door post skewed its hinges.

Many crops like the berries expected to fruit in over Christmas were swamped, and the prospects drowned.

So 1935 began, still seeping with the flood of a wettest summer on the record.

Patterson River (Carrum Creek) Golf Links under water, December 1934

Diary for 1935

- beginning @ 56 Chelsea Road, CHELSEA, VIC.


A year when Unk Alf HOLLIS was living with his sister Ada Jane HOLLIS KNOLL & his brother-in-law Karl Wilhelm ‘Will’ KNOLL,

at two addresses:

1. 56 Chelsea Road, CHELSEA, VIC. –1 January 1935 ~ 16 Sept 1935

It was at Chelsea that Alf had the pleasure of the long-missed company of his elder brother George Hubert Hollis, who was also born in Wandin South, but had gone to South Africa at that time of the Boer War, then become a policeman for an interim, then taking calling as a missionary in Nyassaland (now Malawi) in Central East Africa, married there, and had a large family, before returning to the Cape, where he settled in business to support his family, and so had never returned. But George and his wife Helen came to visit his family in Australia in 1934, arriving aboard the ship "Ceramic" in Melb 26th Sept 1934. They stayed where Alfred Hollis also stayed, with the Knoll Family of 56 Chelsea Road, Chelsea. George & Nellie stayed until their departure again on the good ship Ceramic' on the 27th March 1935.

George and Helen Hollis as young missionaries in Nyassaland, after marrying in Bulawayo, Africa

2. at ‘Hilltop’ on Kerr’s Hill, Wiseman Road, Burleigh, Silvan South – from 16th Sept 1935

When the KNOLLS came out of their 'Early Retirement' at Chelsea that had only brought Will a sickness borne out of small challenge and inactivity. So they all moved back whence they had come, to Burleigh, Silvan South, and holus-bolus, with Unk Hollis, the Whittingham grandchildren and all, albiet to a brand new house, (at first not quite finished), and on a property previously left in abeyance with small development or improvement, but one of regular resource for firewood, fence-post split-logs, or for better timber.

Thus Will Knoll, at 65 years, & Ada Hollis Knoll, at 61 years, began anew in pioneering the last of their three different productive fruit-farming property ventures in Silvan. It turned out to be a judicious move, for when war was declared in 1939, Wilhelm Knoll, though of German-birth and long since Naturalised in 1911 as a British subject (though he thought of himself as an Australian), was once again a productive citizen and primary producer, and there on the land as a well respected member of a community that had come to honour him, for over fifty years of enterprising farming in a most communal neighbourliness, with high regard.


Weather Codes: F: Fine, H. Hot, W: Wet, R: Rainy, S: Sunny / Stormy? C = Cold

Abbreviations: v = very,

Family / People:

Alfred Henry HOLLIS

Ada = his sister Ada Jane nee HOLLIS KNOLL (1874-1947) Silvan & Chelsea, Burleigh

Will / K.W.K = his brother-in-law Karl Wilhelm KNOLL (1870 Wuerttemburg -d.1953) Silvan & Chelsea

Geo or G.H.H. = his brother George Hubert HOLLIS (1877 Wandin Sth -1955) from South Africa

Nellie or Helen = his brother Geo’s wife, Sarah Helen 'Nell' nee BOWLES HOLLIS, b.1887 London -from Sth Africa d.1950

Barb = Alf’s niece, Barbara Evelyn nee KNOLL SHAW -b.1907 Wandin Sth – d.1994 Kilsyth

Cliff or G.C.S = Barb’s husband, George Clifford SHAW -b.1903 Traralgon – 1981 Mooroolbark

Fred = their son, Frederick Clifford SHAW -b.1928 Burleigh, Silvan South

Ol / Olive = Alf’s niece, Olive Ada nee KNOLL WHITTINGHAM 1902 Wandin Sth – 1981 Frankston

Unmentioned is Olive's estranged husband, 'Dick' Dare Lorimer WHITTINGHAM. She divorced him in 1936.

Joy or Joyce = Olive’s daughter, Joyce Olive WHITTINGHAM -b.1923 Silvan – 2001 Kilsyth

Don = Olive’s son, Donald Lorimer WHITTINGHAM -b.1924 Silvan –d.2012 Ballarat

Les = Olive’s son, Leslie Hugh WHITTINGHAM -b.1926 Silvan -d.2009 Cabbage Tree, Vic.

Allan / K.A.K. = Alf's nephew, Karl Allan KNOLL -b.1898 Wandin Sth– d.1981 Yarra Junction

Mary = Allan’s wife, Estella Mary CHAPMAN KNOLL b.1901 Wandin Sth – d.1942 Lilydale

Eileen or Eily = Eileen Mary KNOLL –b.1924 Burleigh-

Bill = Ernest William KNOLL – b. 1925 Burleigh-

Ron or ‘Porgy’ = Ronald Stanley KNOLL – b.1926 Burleigh-

Jack or Jacky = John Alexander KNOLL b. 1931 Burleigh-

Harry (not mentioned) –Harold Charles KNOLL –b.1932 Burleigh-

Chas /Charles or C.A.K. = Alf's nephew, Charles Arthur KNOLL 1900 Wandin Sth – 1985 Burleigh

Kitty or Kit = Chas’s 2nd wife ‘Kit’ Catherine Winifred nee THOMPSON KNOLL 1915 Sth Yarra – 2006 Burleigh

Alice = Alf's neice, Alice Marie Eliza KNOLL JOHNS -b.1910 Wandin Sth – d.1997 Glenrowan, Wangaratta

L, Law, L.A.J. = (Alice’s husband) Lawrence Arnold JOHNS b.1906 Menzies Crk – d.1975 Mornington

Val = Valerie Alice JOHNS b. 1933 Burleigh-

Bernie = Bernard Lawrence JOHNS – born this reported year of 1935 @ Burleigh

Ed or E.A.H. = Alf's brother, Edward Arthur HOLLIS -b.1878 Wandin South -of South Africa & Silvan -d.1945 Burleigh

Em / Emma = Ed’s estranged wife, Emma Alice Elizabeth (widow KOOPMANN nee REID) HOLLIS -b.1889 Suid Afrika - d.1969 Hoddles Crk

Winnie = Winifred Florence 'Winnie' HOLLIS 1911 South Yarra –d. 2001 [OSTERMAN]

Aggie HOLLIS (HILLI)= Emma Agnes 'Aggie' HOLLIS HILLI 1913 South Africa– 1999- HILLI - SCHMIDT - OSTERMANN

Charlie HOLLIS = Charles Suckling HOLLIS 1915 South Africa – 2004

Mac HOLLIS = Henry Warneford 'Mac' HOLLIS -b.1910 South Africa- - d.2012 FTG

Bill HOLLIS = William George HOLLIS -b.1922 South Africa

Eve HOLLIS = Barbara Evelyn HOLLIS 1924 South Africa –(m.1943 K Allan KNOLL) -d.2008 Lilydale

Helen HOLLIS = Helen Elizabeth 'Nell' -b.1926 Silvan South (m. Leslie Richard ADAMS 1915–1981) - d.2011 Melbourne, Vic.

Beat or Beatie HOLLIS = Beatrice May HOLLIS -b.1928 Silvan South (m. Charles FRASER)


Hubert John HOLLIS (1841~1888) m. Eliza SUCKLING (1838~1924)
Ada Jane HOLLIS (1874 – 1947 Burleigh)

m.1897 South Wandin

Karl Wilhelm KNOLL (1870 ~ 1953 Burleigh, Silvan )

1. Karl Allan KNOLL (1898 South Wandin – 1981 Yarra Junction)
Mary Estella CHAPMAN (1901 South Wandin– 1942 Burleigh/Lilydale)
Eileen Mary Knoll -b.1924 Burleigh
Ernest William Knoll -b.1925 Burleigh
Ronald Stanley Knoll -b.1926 Burleigh
Allan Cedric Knoll (1927 – 1929) Burleigh
Gladys Norma Knoll (1929 Burleigh– 1930)
Jack Alexander Knoll -b.1931 Burleigh
Harold Charles Knoll -b.1932 Burleigh

2.Charles Arthur KNOLL (1900 South Wandin – 1985 Burleigh)

m.1. 1925 Wandin

Mabel BRIGGS (1904 – 1931)

m.2. 1933 South Yarra

'Kitty' Catherine Winifred 'Kit' THOMPSON (1915 – 2006 Burleigh)

3. Olive Ada KNOLL (1902 South Wandin – 1981 Frankston)


Dare Lorimer 'Dick' WHITTINGHAM (1898 – 1976)
Joy Olive Whittingham (1923 Silvan– 2001) - [m.Noel Jackson]
Donald Lorimer WHittingham (1924 Silvan– 2012)
Leslie Hugh WHittingham (1926 Silvan– 2008)


'Smiler' Horace Richard Laurence BROWN (1910 – 1970 Frankston)
Linda Christabel BROWN (1937 Lilydale– 2003)

4. Barbara Florence KNOLL (1907 South Wandin – 1994 Kilsyth)

m.1927 Silvan

'Cliff' George Clifford SHAW (1903 – 1981 Kilsyth)
Frederick Clifford Shaw (1928 Burleigh– ?)
Gladys Marie Shaw (1929 – 1929) Burleigh

5. Alice Marie Eliza KNOLL (1910 South Wandin – 1997)


Lawrence Arnold JOHNS (1906 Menzies Crk – 1975)
Valerie Johns (1933 Burleigh– ?) - [m.Selwyn Austin Jackel]
Bernard Lawrence 'Bernie' Johns (1935 Burleigh – 2015 Gympie, Qld)

George Hubert HOLLIS (1877 South Wandin – 1955 South Africa)
b. ~ d.
Nellie Ellen Sarah BOWLES (1887 London – 1950 South Africa)
Florence HOLLIS (1911 Nyassaland – 1998) South Africa
Alfred Bowles HOLLIS (1912 Nyassaland– 1993) South Africa
Helen 'Nellie' HOLLIS (1913 Nyassaland – 2006) South Africa
Frederick HOLLIS (1914 Nyassaland- ? ) South Africa
Robert HOLLIS (1915 ? ) South Africa–
Hubert HOLLIS (1917 – ?) South Africa

Edward Arthur Hollis (1878 South Wandin - d.1945 Burleigh)
b. ~ d.
Emma Alice Elizabeth KOOPMAN nee REID (1889 South Africa – 1969 Hoddles Creek)
Winifred Florence 'Winnie OSTERMAN' HOLLIS (1911 South Yarra– 2001)
Emma Agnes 'Aggie HILLI' HOLLIS (1913 South Africa– 1999)
Charles Suckling HOLLIS (1915 South Africa– 2004 Traralgon)
Henry Warneford 'Mac' HOLLIS (1919 South Africa– 2012)
William George 'Bill' HOLLIS (1922 South Africa–?)
'Eve' Barbara Evelyn 'KNOLL' HOLLIS (1924 South Africa– 2008 Lilydale)
Helen Elizabeth 'Nellie ADAMS' HOLLIS (1926 Silvan – 2011)
Beatrice May 'Beatie FRASER' HOLLIS (1928 Silvan – ?)

Alfred Henry HOLLIS (1881 Wandin South – 1952 Burleigh)
never married

- HOLLIS & KNOLL FAMILY @ Chelsea, 1935: from left - Alfred Hollis; Olive 'Knoll' Whittingham, Joyce 'Joy' Whittingham (on ground); Karl Wilhelm 'Will' Knoll; Ada Jane 'Hollis' Knoll, Leslie Hugh Whittingham; George Hubert Hollis; Helen 'Nellie' nee Bowles Hollis -



1st F. H. - January 1935 Chelsea Tuesday

Cliff [Clifford SHAW] & Barb [Barbara Evelyn KNOLL SHAW] & Joyce [WHITTINGHAM] came for Freddy [Frederick Clifford SHAW]

Les [Leslie Hugh WHITTINGHAM] & Joyce [Joyce Olive WHITTINGHAM] have gone back to Silvan for another week or two. Don [D. L.WHITTINGHAM] etc went swimming [at the beach].

Chelsea - Carrum Beach at Patterson River mouth.

2nd F – January Chelsea Wednesday

George [George Hubert HOLLIS - on extended visit from South Africa] read to me from the book of Revelation – the first six chapters.

We went to the week night meeting. [Chelsea Church of Christ] Bro. Snow presided. There were Mrs Davell & Dorothy, Mrs Gourlay & Frank, Mrs Hammond & Rita, Bro. Corfe, & George [G.H.HOLLIS], Nellie [Helen BOWLES HOLLIS, from South Africa, wife of George Hubert HOLLIS] & self [Alfred Henry HOLLIS]. Subject: Matthew 3: 1 to 12 John the Baptist.

3rd F H January Chelsea Thursday

There was a thunderstorm and about 20 points of rain at about 1.15 AM.

Geo [George Hubert HOLLIS], & Nellie [Helen BOWLES HOLLIS] went to the city. They saw Bert Smith [Ethelbert Gladstone SMITH 1867-1946]. He is hale and hearty and looking well for his years. I walked to Point Nepean Road and bought an exercise. [Exercise book?]

Olive [KNOLL WHITTINGHAM] went to help Forbes [Reginald ‘Reg’ FORBES & Gertrude ‘Gertie’ nee EVANS-SUCKLING FORBES, adopted cousin of the Hollis siblings, with husband and children] yesterday. She returned today. Beth [Elizabeth ‘Beth’ FORBES 1917-1997] is better and so is Eunice [Eunice ‘twin’ FORBES born 1926 ]. Philip [James Phillip ‘twin’ FORBES born 1926] is a very handy boy, his father’s son.

4th F. January Chelsea Friday

I walked to “Swansea” Aroyly Avenue for the first time for fifteen months. I wrote to Mr Frazer [William Couser FRAZER of Wiseman Rd, Burleigh].

Will [Wilhelm KNOLL] is trimming the edges of the paths. The lettuce plants & tomato plants are growing rapidly. I am reading “Cloud and Sunshine.”

Will [Wilhelm KNOLL] bought a fly-wire door.

5th W. R. January Chelsea Saturday

More than ½ inch of rain fell by 5 pm & a strong wind. Silvan needs rain & I expect they have it. My back is a bit sore at times.

The new fly-wire door on the kitchen is having a rough time in the wind. 2 ¼ inches of rain fell in two days. 3 inches of rain fell at Silvan where it was badly needed.

The plums have cracked v (very) badly owing to the wet.

6th S. R. January - The Lord’s Day, Chelsea Sunday
Dandenong Creek in flood.

Lawrence [Lawrence Arnold JOHNS] , Alice [Alice Marie Eliza KNOLL JOHNS], Valerie [JOHNS] & Joy [Joyce WHITTINGHAM] came down.

Bro. Walden presided. Bro. Snow preached at night. One young lady, Miss INGLE, about 17, decided for Christ. Text: Romans 3: 23; Ephesians 2: 8-9 & Timothy.

Nellie [BOWLES HOLLIS] left for a few days at ‘Hillcrest’, Silvan.

7th F. January Chelsea Monday

Don [Donald L. WHITTINGHAM] went for a dip on his own.

Will [KNOLL] & Geo [George Hubert HOLLIS] fixed the fly-wire door again.

Geo [George Hubert HOLLIS] read Rev. (Revelation)

8th F. H. January Chelsea Tuesday

Don [Donald L. WHITTINGHAM] is a little sick. I got a letter from W. F. [William C. FRAZER of Wiseman Rd, Burleigh]. I walked to Point Nepean Road in the evening. I had a talk to a young electrical engineer who is also a fine swimmer, life saver, etc.

9th S. January Chelsea Wednesday

About 10 points of rain fell. I wrote to A. I. H. [ Annie Irene HOLLAND (1920-2010)]

Geo [George Hubert HOLLIS], Ol [Olive A. KNOLL WHITTINGHAM] & I [Alf HOLLIS] went to the week night meeting.

Bro. Snow spoke on Baptism, Matthew 3: 13. About 9 + Bro. Snow were present.

10th F. January Chelsea Thursday

Geo. [George Hubert HOLLIS], Ada [Ada Jane HOLLIS KNOLL], Ol [Olive Ada KNOLL WHITTINGHAM], & Don [Donald L. WHITTINGHAM], went to Chapel Street [PRAHRAN].

They saw O. G. S. [Oliver Gold SMITH (1863 England-1940 Prahran)] and Fanny [Fanny Rebecca SMITH (1869 Richmond –1945 Wandin Yallock)]. Edgar [Edgar Cobden SMITH (1869 Richmond - 1935 South Yarra)] is away in Alfred Hospital.

O. G. S. [Oliver Gold SMITH’s] business premises look dingy and a poor-looking business.

I got a letter from E. A. Hilli. [Emma Agnes ‘Aggie’ HOLLIS HILLI]

11th F. H. January Chelsea Friday

I walked to Point Nepean Rd & down Swan Walk. T. (or J.) A hot day.

Don [Donald L. WHITTINGHAM], Les [WHITTINGHAM] and Ol [Olive A. KNOLL WHITTINGHAM] went to the beach. Yesterday I [Alf HOLLIS], finished reading “Cloud and Sunshine” -

12th F. H. January Chelsea Saturday

Geoff Forbes called on his bicycle. I got a final letter from P. Br. [Pilcher’s Bridge?]

I got 60 Gospel of Johns for 3/- from the B. F. Bible Society. [BRITISH & FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY]

13th F. January The Lord’s Day, Chelsea Sunday

A cool change.

Joyce [WHITTINGHAM] came with Nellie [Helen BOWLES HOLLIS], Alice [KNOLL JOHNS], Lawrence [JOHNS] & Valerie [JOHNS].

Ed [Edward Arthur HOLLIS] sent a biggish blackfish by them.

Joyce X X X [Joyce Olive WHITTINGHAM]. We went to church twice. Joyce [Joyce Olive WHITTINGHAM] decided for Christ at the evening meeting. Bro. Snow preached.

Nellie [Helen BOWLES HOLLIS], Alice [A. M. E. KNOLL JOHNS] and Law [Lawrence A. JOHNS] had been to the Boronia church [Church of Christ] in the morning. They did not reach here until 1.05.

14th F. January Chelsea Monday

A cool day. Will [Wilhelm KNOLL] not v. well. The new neighbours at Curls have been there a few days.

15th F. January Chelsea Tuesday


Joyce [Joyce Olive WHITTINGHAM] and Don [Donald L. WHITTINGHAM]. burrowed and built sand castles near my bed.

Geo [George Hubert HOLLIS] and Co [WHITTINGHAMs?] went to the sea bathing. Cool weather.

16th F. January Chelsea Wednesday

More castles & sea.

Geo [George Hubert HOLLIS], Nellie [BOWLES HOLLIS], Olive [KNOLL WHITTINGHAM] and I [Alfred Henry HOLLIS] went to the mid-week meeting. About 16 were present, including one visitor. The subject was Christ’s temptations. Matthew 4: 1-13.

17th F. January Chelsea Thursday

Geo [George Hubert HOLLIS] went to the Melbourne town hall and got Les [Leslie Hugh WHITTINGHAM?] . He came home from Harold Parkers’ [Harold Hampton PARKER].

Ol [Olive KNOLL WHITTINGHAM, Joy [WHITTINGHAM], Nellie [BOWLES HOLLIS], & Lois FIELD went to the city for a day’s shopping. Cool.

Geo [George Hubert HOLLIS] read Revelation to the finish.

Les [WHITTINGHAM? ] had an auction sale!

18th F. January Chelsea Friday

The children went to the beach. Geo [George Hubert HOLLIS] is reading Psalms.

We are having cool weather. I am taking Schumann’s salts.

19th F. January Chelsea Saturday

I visited No.2 dentist. He promised to repair my teeth for 12/6. I am to take them to him on Tuesday at 4.45 PM.

We (4) went to hear K. JONES speak at a Christian Endeavour (Rally) at the C of C [CHURCH OF CHRIST]. There was bright singing and Bro Jones spoke ably on Israel twice at Bethel.

20th January The Lord’s Day, Chelsea Sunday

Bro Rasmussen ably exhorted the church. Bro Parkdale presided. It was a v long meeting, starting a best 15 minutes late. I was tired. Joyce [Joyce Olive WHITTINGHAM] and another girl, Betty INGLE, were baptised.

Alice [KNOLL JOHNS], Lawrence [JOHNS] and Valerie [JOHNS], Ada [HOLLIS KNOLL], Will [Wilhelm KNOLL] and the rest of us were present.

Don [Donald Lorimer WHITTINGHAM] went out as a convert.

21st January F. Chelsea Monday

Joyce put up the kite and had for a long time. It eventually escaped, but after a chase we recaptured it. Don and Les were at the beach. Joyce got a bit sunburnt last week and is unable to swim for a few days.

22nd F. January Chelsea Tuesday

I received a letter and cash from Luckhurst [Daniel LUCKHURST of Silvan]. Also a letter from J. F. [Joe FRITH of Burleigh]. I wrote to Luckhurst & to Mr Frazer [Mr William C, FRAZER of Burleigh]. I posted them myself at the station. I then went to the dentist with my teeth. I also got my hair cut & brought a dental-plate brush.

23rd F. January Chelsea Wednesday

Will [Wilhelm KNOLL] motored Geo. [George H. HOLLIS], Nellie [BOWLES HOLLIS] & self [Alf HOLLIS] to Dandenong thence to Frankston, 29 miles, an d back along the Pt Nepean Rd. We were 1½ hours on the trip.

I had my teeth returned. We enjoyed the trip. The road from Dandenong to home was v good.

Olive visited Miss BOYES.

[Ellen Josephine BOYES, headmistress & schoolteacher @ Silvan South Primary School in 1931 [Teacher Registration No.20547] who formerly lived with the Knoll family in Burleigh. She was born in 1868 @ Kingston, nr Creswick, Vic. dgtr of James BOYES & Margaret BLAIR and later died in 1945 @ Ballarat @ 76yrs]

Geo., Nellie, Ol & self went to the mid-week meeting. 16 & Bro. Snow were present.

24th F. January Chelsea Thursday

Will [KNOLL], Geo [HOLLIS], Nellie [BOWLES HOLLIS], & Ada [HOLLIS KNOLL], went to Clyde to see a farm, 3 miles from Cranbourne. A ? mile trip.

Barb [KNOLL SHAW], Fred [SHAW] and Cliff [SHAW] visited us.

I wrote to Pilcher’s Bridge. George Dunn has been dead about 3 years. [P.B = Pilcher’s Bridge]

25th F. January Chelsea Friday

I walked to Pt Nepean Road, thence to the railway crossing at the end of Argyle Avenue & back, past the R.C. & Methodist Church. Time: about 35 minutes. I was tired & slept soundly afterwards.

The Red Balloon marks 56 Chelsea Road, Chelsea.
Chelsea State Primary School, which the three Whittingham children attended at times during the period from September 1933 to September 1935, is still in Argyle Street, on the southern corner with Fowler Street. The Methodist Church (now the Uniting Church, was in Sherwood Avenue. I have not been able to find where the Church of Christ was. The Nepean Highway was then called Point Nepean Road. The Chelsea Railway Station is east of Chelsea Road, between Station Street that main road to Point Nepean. The salty estaurine drain of a waterway which the Whittingham boys fished, at the bottom of the map, was once called Warnnackladdin Yallock and is now the Patterson River.

26th F. January Chelsea Saturday

A cool day.

We had only one hot day this year.

Allan [Karl Allan KNOLL], Mary [Estella Mary CHAPMAN KNOLL], and all their children (x 5) came. [1.Eily KNOLL b.1924, 2. Bill KNOLL b.1925, 3. Ron ‘Porgy’ KNOLL b.1926, 4. Jack KNOLL b.1931 & 5. Harold KNOLL b.1932] They went to the beach. Allan has had a fair season and has some cash in hand.

Chas [Charles Arthur KNOLL], and Kittie [Catherine ‘Kit’ THOMPSON KNOLL his second wife], came also. Chas has had his Hay Fever attack as usual. It took him a month to recover. His cough was very troublesome.

A number of planes flew over, including an auto giro! The auto giro come down with a bit of a thud at (Frankston or) Mornington.

27th F. January The Lord’s Day Sunday

We went to church twice. Bro. Snow exhorted & preached in the evening. Bro, Munroe is not expected to last long. He is falling away in condition over the last 16 days (or about).

28th F. January Chelsea Monday


I went to Pt Nepean road & saw hundreds of cars returning from Cowes or Mornington. I was 1 ¼ hours out.

I had a talk to Catchpole.

29th F. January Chelsea Tuesday

I wrote to Ray.

* probably Ray Frith of Silvan [FRITH, Raymond Tonkin b.1915 Balwyn - son of Silvan builder 'JOE' Thomas Joseph Shaw FRITH (1869-1952) & Maria Maud TONKIN -(m.1938 Winifred Ada BARNES) -d. ?

Cool. Geo. Nellie & Ol went to the city for the day.

Rotary Gallerie.

Olive bought flannel for 2/3- for two flannel shirts for me and a pair of cotton under.

30th F. R. January Chelsea Wednesday

Another cool day.

Olive and Nellie went to the C. of C. afternoon meeting.

It was a rough evening & a few drops of rain fell.

Bro. Snow was well prepared & gave a good address to the I present.

Geo was a little off colour and Ol and Nellie did not go.

31st R. January Chelsea Thursday

A shower fell this morning. Bro. Munroe has been at death’s door for weeks has taken a turn for the better and is expected to make a recovery.

About ten points of rain fell.


1st R. S. February 1935 Chelsea Friday

I walked to the beach. I bought eye salve, coconut oil ointment and a pair of braces.

Bro Snow called and brought me C. of C. literature: ‘Ye Must Be Born Again’ about 18 leaflets & booklets.

Geo [George Hubert HOLLIS] lent Bro Snow a book on astronomy.

Aggie [Emma Agnes ‘Aggie’ nee HOLLIS HILLI] has a new daughter. [Beverley Dawn HILLI (b.30 Jan 1935 Burleigh, Silvan South)]

2nd F. February Chelsea Saturday

A few sprinkles of rain fell, but no amount if rain in all.

I read ‘The Christian Walk’ by S. R. Baker.

I walked around the recreation ground 20 minutes. Our neighbours in Curls have gone.

3rd F. February The Lord’s Day Sunday

Bro Snow exhorted & preached at night.

Don [Donald Lorimer WHITTINGHAM] was baptised. Bro Warne presided.

The weather cool & breezy.

Our neighbour Hayson called.

4th F. February Chelsea Monday

Mr & Mrs A. C. Parker called. [Albert Charles PARKER (1877-1942 ) & Janie Frances nee MARTIN PARKER (1883-1957) of Wiseman Road, Burleigh]. Jim paid up in full for his land. [James Albert ‘Jim’ PARKER (1904-1966) son of the above].

Joe Hunter is due to undergo an operation. [Joseph Henry HUNTER (1875-1957) uncle of Mary nee CHAPMAN KNOLL & married to Edie PARKER, younger sister of Albert C. PARKER]

Albert may have a recurrence of his trouble. [Albert Charles PARKER (1877-1942]

5th F. February Chelsea Tuesday

I walked to The Strand and sent a Registered letter to J.A.P. [James Albert ‘Jim’ PARKER (1904-1966)]

I bought a bottle of Fellow’s Syrup.

I called at the S.S.B. [ State Savings Bank]

I got a letter from Nellie Liz Hollis. * [ His then 8 year-old niece, Helen Elizabeth 'Nellie' HOLLIS-b.18 Nov 1926 Silvan, Vic who lived in the cottage called "Hillcrest" that his brother's family rented from Alfred Hollis. ]

6th February F. Chelsea Wednesday

Geo, Nellie, Ada & Will set out for Silvan at 9 AM. for the day per car.

I made a new kite tail.

I wrote to the (Macedon) Gisborne Shire and paid my rates.

They brought back peas, beans, tomatoes & plums from Silvan.

We (4) went to the mid-week meeting. Olive went out with nose bleeding.

About 16 were present again.

7th February S. Chelsea Thursday

About 100 points of rain fell in three days 6 - 9th

8th February S. Chelsea Friday

I received £ 2 from Luckhurst.

I walked to the end of the jetty an saw fishers and fish in the water. I was about 1 hr out & back.

I called at Pt Nepean Rd.

9th February F. Saturday

I went to see the block of land for sale at Point Nepean Road for £ 150 cash. I was tired when I returned from the second trip.

10th February F. The Lord’s Day Sunday

Joyce’s 12th birthday.

Plenty of rain has fallen at Silvan.

Mr Frazer [Mr William Couser FRAZER of Wiseman Road, Burleigh], Barb [KNOLL SHAW] & Fred [SHAW] came with Alice [KNOLL JOHNS and Lawrence [JOHNS].

Mr Frazer paid up the interest in full and £ 1 of the principal.

Mr Frazer went to church with us. Bro. Snow preached.

I was v tired from yesterday.

11th February F. Chelsea Monday

I went to Point Nepean Rd and saw Mr SILL. I also called on Bro. COLLINGS at the Municipal Buildings re land. Bro. Collings advice was I cannot go wrong at the price.

Geo. read extracts from Myles Grant & H. L. Hastings.

12th February F. Tuesday

Ada, Will & I motored to Frankston & saw Mr & Mrs Albert Parker [A C P] , Judith, Amy & Hilda. [Albert Charles PARKER; Janey Francis MARTIN PARKER] + 3. [Edith Martha ‘Judith’ PARKER b.1906; Amy Beatrice PARKER b.1916; Hilda May PARKER b. 1923]

Also Beryl and her children. [Beryl nee PARKER CHAPMAN-b.1905 wife of Ern CHAPMAN] +4 [1.Mavis Beryl CHAPMAN b.1928; 2. A.R.‘Bob’ CHAPMAN b.1930; 3. Leslie Ernest CHAPMAN b.1931; 4. Albert William CHAPMAN b. 1933]

Mr Morton was there too. [?????????]

We enjoyed the trip. The road to Frankston is nearly perfect.

Mr Sill called late with documents re land.

The Rossiter boys have grown into big boys for their age says Mrs Parker. [twins born 1921, Ronald Curtis ROSSITER & John Francis ROSSITER of Hollis Road, Burleigh, Silvan South, Vic]

Albert says that Geo. Strickland is dead. [George STRICKLAND (1868-1935) son of Sarah Ann PARKER & William Robert STRICKLAND, a cousin to Parkers & Hollises, was married to his & their cousin, Lily WISEMAN.]

About 10 points of rain fell during the night.

13th February F. Chelsea Wednesday

I wrote to A. I. H. - [ Annie Irene HOLLAND (1920-2010)]

Geo., Ol and I went to the mid-week meeting. 10 were present for Bro. Snow to address.

Cool weather still prevails.

14th February F. Chelsea Thursday

I visited Reg. Wadham, solicitor of Thomas Pross/ Prom at 8 PM. He is to search the Title of the land in Pt Nepean Road.

I am to get the particulars tomorrow night (Friday15).

The weather warmed up this afternoon.

15th February F. Friday

I visited Reg. Wadham, solicitor, re land in Pt Nepean Rd, all O.K.

16th February F. Saturday

I went to Sill, Estate Agent, and signed the contract of sale.

Nellie returned from a visit to Forbes.

17th February F. The Lord’s Day Sunday

Mr & Mrs Harold Parker [Councillor Harold Hampton PARKER (1888-1959) of Silvan South; & his wife Jeanie Elizabeth KIRKLAND PARKER (] and family came. - (x 3)- [1. 'Jack' John Harold PARKER b.1914; 2. 'Jack' John Harold PARKER –b.1919; 3. William George 'Bill' PARKER b.1923]

& Mrs & Mrs Ted Luckhurst. [Edward LUCKHURST, father of Daniel LUCKHURST of Silvan].

Olive [KNOLL WHITTINGHAM] sick in bed all day.

Ed [Edward Arthur HOLLIS] wrote to Ada [HOLLIS KNOLL].

Lucky says Ed looks ill. Ed’s heifer has calved a heifer calf.

Bro. Snow is leaving Chelsea in about a week’s time.

Chas Knoll called and paid me by cheque for Selby’s block of land.

Kitty is staying at Mornington just at present.

Harold [H. H. PARKER] brought beans, peas, & beetroot.

18th February F. Chelsea Monday

Don went fishing in the Carrum Creek. He caught nothing but sprats. His mate caught about 8.

19th February F. Tuesday

Geo. & I walked to Blacks’ Crossing to see Mr. Ward Anstey’s block in Pt Nepean Road. The distance is about 1 ¼ miles in all.

The cool weather still continues with an occasional warmer day.

The in-train from Frankston heading for Black's Crossing & Chelsea as it crosses the Patterson river.

20th February F. Chelsea Wednesday

Geo, Nellie, Ada & Will motored to Croydon to see a property 8 minutes from the R.S. (Railway Station).

I wrote to C. A. K. [Charles Arthur KNOLL] .

We went to the mid-week meeting. 13 present.

21st February F. Thursday

I walked to Point Nepean Road & saw Mr. Sill Senior.

The papers from Mr. Ward Anstey have not come to hand.

22nd February F. Chelsea Friday

Ol., Geo., & Nellie went to the city for the day. They went to Chapel street, Prahran.

I walked to Pt Nepean Rd. (Pens). I saw Mr. Sill junior. The papers from Mr. Ward Anstey have arrived safely, and in order.

Mr S. says we can expect to see him at church next Sunday.

23rd February F/S Saturday

The Sunday School picnic from Silvan South was held at Frankston. Will was not well & and he and Ada did not go.

But Ol, Geo, Nellie, Don, Joy, & Les went from here.

Alice called and took a snap of me. Alice took Ada home with her for a few days.

24th February The Lord’s Day Sunday

Bro. Snow preached his farewell sermon. He leaves this week for Geelong.

Will went to church with us.

I was tired at the conclusion of the evening service.

L. L. L. - ????????????

25th February F. H. 93.5° (Farenheit) Monday

Our sunflower is in blossom 97 days after the Flood.

Nellie is away visiting friends.

There is a heat wave in Adelaide.

26th February F. H. Chelsea Tuesday

Geo, Nellie & Will set off for Silvan – per motor.

Les was a bit sick in the evening so Ol did not go to the concert at the C. of C. [Church of Christ].

The Gourlays were prominent. Next to them were the Catchpoles & Warnes.
Bro. Snow recited.

27th February F. H. (99° Farenheit] Wednesday

Lawrence took Ada, Will, Geo & Nellie to the top of Donna Buang, to Warburton & Healesville.

I went to the Wednesday night meeting. Bro. Snow’s last night. 7 ladies & 4 men were present to here Bro. Snow.

A hot night, but a cool change came along in the evening.

Ada, Will, Geo & Nellie got home from Silvan about 7.20 PM.

28th February F. Chelsea Thursday

Geo & (Ol) went to Port Melbourne put his luggage aboard the “CERAMIC” but were unable to do so.


1st March 1935 F. Friday

I walked to Pt Nepean Rd, to S.S.B. [STATE SAVINGS BANK].

Geo is reading the Keswick Quarterly.

I went to Wadham, solicitor, but forgot to take the transfer. I was v tired.

2nd March F. Chelsea Saturday

Polling Day, State Elections: Groves V Stewart.

A cool day.

I sent Don with a note to Mr. Wadham, solicitor, early in the morning.

[Added: Edgar SMITH* died. – Should be for 4th March]

*Edgar Cobden SMITH - b.1869 in Richmond, Vic. Died. 4th March 1935 @ South Yarra. - son of William SMITH (1831 – 1903) & Sarah Ann HIDER (1830 – 1905) - pioneer landowners in Wandin South. Formerly a fruitgrower of South Wandin, by the 1920s & 30s a FURNITURE DEALER of 461-463 Chapel Street, South Yarra, [Victoria, Australia - Brother of Harold Belgrave Gladstone 'Hackem' SMITH (1865 – 1938) mentioned on the Note for the 5th of March 1935 three days hence.

3rd March F. The Lord’s Day Sunday

Bro. Warne presided and Bro. Martin exhorted. Bro. Martin is the new evangelist.

He is “Some Boy” and is going to carry the church on, on, on, & up, up, up!

Bro Martin preached in the evening: “And I, if I be lifted up will draw all men unto me.” Good.

4th March F Monday

Ada, Will, Geo & Ol went to Kilsyth to see a 6 acre farm & house in exchange for this property.

Nellie went to FORBES early. Later Geo & Olive went too.

5th March F. Chelsea Tuesday

Ed arrived from Silvan. He came to the Victoria Market with Dick Boldt.

I visited Reg. Waldham (solicitor) and paid up in full.

Fred U’REN* died last Saturday, aged 69 years.

* Frederick Wills U'REN -b.30 Dec 1865 in Linkenhorn, Cornwall, Great Britain. Died 2 March 1935 in Burwood, Nunawading District. - Son of Edward Wills U'REN (1825 – 1894) & Mary Frantom LAWER (1828 – 1913) and sister of Polly U'REN (1867 – 1952), wife of Harold Belgrave Gladstone 'Hackem' SMITH (1865 – 1938), pioneers of Wandin South, Burleigh and Monbulk.

6th March F. Wednesday

Nellie & I went to the meeting. Bro, Martin presided for the first time.

Geo, Ed, Ada and I were photographed.

- Four surviving HOLLIS siblings: standing at back: Alfred Henry HOLLIS, Edward Arthur HOLLIS, seated at front: George Hubert HOLLIS, Ada Jane HOLLIS KNOLL - taken 6th March 1935 at Chelsea

7th March F. Chelsea Thursday

Ed left for Silvan.

Geo, Ol & Nellie went to the city. They spent a long time in searching for their oldblin ticket on the “CERAMIC”, but could not find it.

I was a bit off colour and spent most of the day in bed.

Ed told us that Charlie Hollis has been snake bitten.

8th March F. Friday

Another cool day (got hotter 87 shade)

I got receipt from Reg Wadham.

Don went fishing and caught one eel, but the boys took it from him and killed it & kept it, so he says.

9th March F. Chelsea Saturday

Geo & Nellie rose fairly early and caught the 7.45 train for Melbourne. They then take car for Sydney at….

Will, Joyce & I went to Chelsea Station to see them off.

Don and Les went fishing. They were 7 ¼ hours away – on an empty stomach too.

They caught nothing.

I wrote to Nellie HILLCREST. A hottish night.

10th March The Lord’s Day Sunday

A sprinkle of rain fell twice.

Bro Martin exhorted for 29 minutes, and 40 minutes at night. Bro Sill was there again.

Alice & Law & Val called. They took Ol & Les back to Silvan with them.

The Silvan people are short-handed.

11th March S 10 points. Monday

Several letters came for Geo.

Ada wrote to Geo.

Received a letter from Geo. The car he was travelling in had a slight breakdown.

12th March F. Chelsea Tuesday

I received £ 2 from Lucky [Daniel LUCKHURST]. I wrote to him.

I walked to Bath street, thence to the beach, about 40 minutes out and back.

A cool morning down to 50° in M.

13th March F. Wednesday

I got a bill from Wadham.

Joyce and I went to the mid-week meeting. 14 were present. Bro Martin spoke for 35 minutes on the first question. Bro Martin left before the last hymn was sung.

Geo (Nellie) wrote from Eden [NSW].

I got to bed at 10 PM.

14th March S. Chelsea Thursday

A little rain fell, about 10 points.

Barb [KNOLL SHAW] & Cliff [SHAW] are not v well, gastric trouble, I think. Cliff went to see Dr. Seeley, but he was not available.

Chas [KNOLL] has back trouble,

15th March S. Friday

I sent my rates to Lillydale.

I walked to Pt Nepean Road & called on Mr. Sill. I then went to Catherine Avenue and inspected two properties.

One, owned by an old man, 74, but he did not look so old. He offered me his house about 5 rooms & furniture for £ 490. He has R.B. [Rome Beauty] apple trees & a Jap plum which bore about 1 cwt of plums. He has a nice dog.

The next place, Mr. Coyne’s was somewhat similar price - £ 450 cash. Both were in good order. I returned to key to Mr. Sill.

A shower came on. I was 3 hours out. I paid R. Wadham in the evening.

Will [Wilhelm KNOLL] was away all day at Silvan. He took Lawrence [JOHNS] a picker.

Chas [KNOLL] has 3 men.

[ 3rd week Dec 1935 Fred, Stew, Blue, Harry]
[ 2nd Week Dec 1935 Fred, Stew, Blue, Harry, Colin, Allan, Reg]
[1st Week Dec 1935 Fred, Stew, Blue, Bill, Harry, Colin, Walter, Allan, Reg]
4th wk Nov 1935 Fred, Stew, Blue, Harry, Colin, Allan, Reg, Charlie, Walter
3rd Wk Nov 1935 Fred, Harry, Stew, Blue, Colin, Charlie, Walter, Allan, Reg,
2nd Wk Nov 1935 Fred, Stew, Harry, Blue, Charlie, Walter, Colin

4th Wk Dec. 1934 -1st wk Jan 1935 - Fred, Harold, Blue, Eric, Gordon
3rd Wk Dec. 1934- Fred, Harold, Blue, Gordon, Bill, Jack, Gall, Eric
4th Wk Nov 1934, Fred, Harold, Blue, Tom, Gordon, Bill, Jack, Gall, Arthur, Jim, Eric, Ern, Harry, Owen

Nov 1933, Louie, Blue, Charlie, Walter, Len, Joe, Lyle, Aub, Bill


[ Allan Augustus SPEEDIE b.1904 Sth Wandin ]
[ Charles Reginald Peter SPEEDIE, b.1906 Sth Wandin ]
[ Owen Stanley SPEEDIE b.1912 ]
[ Gordon Duff MITCHELL ]
] Eric Bellamy FRITH b.1917 Balwyn ]
[ ‘Harry’ or ‘Blue’ Harold Frederick ROBINSON b.1889 ]
[ Reginald John ROBINSON - b.1907 Wandin]
[ Gall
[ James John McPhail JOHNSTONE-b.1888 Carlton ]
[ Charles Joseph JOHNSTONE- b.1892 Richmond ]
[ Walter George JOHNSTONE- b.1899 Collingwood ]
[ 'Harry' Henry JOHNSTONE b.1903 Collingwood ]

16th March S. Chelsea Saturday

I wrote to J. F. [Joe FRITH] and rested all day.

Another 10 points of rain fell.

17th March F. The Lord’s Day Sunday

Mr Wilken [Stephen Herbert WILKEN b.1864] & C.V. called. Mr W. looks as big as a house but C.V. looks thin and not v strong. They went to the Service of Song at the M. C. [Methodist Church] - [ C.V. ?????????????????????}

I went with J & Don in the morning and again, alone, to hear Bro Martin ‘Briar Patch and The Verdict of his relations – in the evening. 30 minutes.

Mrs W. Jones [Daisy Pearl Sophia WILKEN JONES b.1899 dghtr of S.H. WILKEN, wife of Walter Wittenbury JONES] has been operated one for goitre, but it has left her weak. Mr Wilken is living at Edithvale for 2 weeks, but is living at Gold Street with the Jones.

Ada [HOLLIS KNOLL] & Will [Wilhelm KNOLL] looked at a house in Catherine Avenue.

18th March F. Monday

Ada [HOLLIS KNOLL] got a letter from Sydney. Geo [HOLLIS] & Nellie [BOWLES HOLLIS] are having a nice look around.

Rain fell before morning: ½ inch.

Mark SILL, Estate Agent, called.

19th March E. S. F. Chelsea Tuesday

I received a letter from Nellie Hillcrest.

I went to see Mr SILL and had a long wait.

I saw COYNE and later inspected his property with Ada [HOLLIS KNOLL].

I paid my Point Nepean Road Rates.

20th March S. Wednesday

I got my Quarter’s interest from Luckhurst.

I went to the mid-week meeting. Bro Martin presided. 7 were present. I got home at 9.50 v tired.

I wrote to Luckhurst.

21st March S. Chelsea Thursday

An inch of rain fell yesterday & today until 2 PM.

A Chelsea schoolgirl is to be cremated today. She died of meningitis & infantile paralysis.

Ada called on Mr. Sill for me about the gas stove in his house in Catherine Avenue.

22nd March S. Friday

I called on Mr M. SILL and paid a deposit of £ 10 on J. COYNE’s property in Catherine Avenue.

I called on the Bank Manager of the Bank of CBC Commercial Banking Co. of Sydney, in Pt Nepean Rd. He got particulars from me of my finances. The Bank will lend me £ 150 @ 5% (interest).

I got my hair cut at another barber’s shop.

I paid for SILL for COYNE £ 2. 10 for gas stove.

23rd March F. Chelsea Saturday

I got a slight electric shock in the bath room with my wet hand. A nasty sensation.

Don [WHITTINGHAM].and Earnie EVANS went fishing. Don caught 10 sprats & E.9.’s.

Will fell off a pair of steps yesterday in a strong wind. He is a bit sore today.

New neighbours in Blantyre Avenue.

24th March F. The Lord’s Day Sunday

Bro Warne presided. Bro Martin preached 25 minutes.

Fanny Smith called. [Fanny Rebecca SMITH, sister of Edgar SMITH & of Harold Belgrave SMITH, etc.]

Also, Mr Wilken [Stephen Herbert WILKEN] & Charlotte [Charlotte Victoria Nadine WILKEN].

Alice [KNOLL JOHNS], Law [Lawrence A JOHNS] and Valerie [JOHNS] were here also.

Edgar SMITH [Edgar Cobden SMITH] died on March 4th.

25th March S. Monday

Geo & Nellie returned from their trip to Sydney and Hobart.

About 16 points of rain.

Mark SILL called for a larger deposit on the cottage.

Joyce has captivated a stray pigeon (with wheat).

26th March F. Chelsea Tuesday

I have a letter from J. F. [Joe FRITH] & some crosses.

We picked 4 pumpkins. One potato is up.

Chas & Kittie called.

H. Robinson & Fred ‘Bluie’ Lane (Sr) are still working for him.

27th March F. Chelsea Wednesday

Geo & Nellie left for South Africa by the “CERAMIC”.

Ada, Will, Ol, Joy, Don & Les went to see them off.

I went to Chelsea Station to see them off.

I called at the C.S.B. and drew £ 15 and paid it to Mark SILL – additional deposit on J. Coyne’s house.

The folk returned home early. There are about 300 passengers on the “CERAMIC”.

I went to the church meeting. 10 were present. Subject: Titus I.

28th March F. Thursday

I got a letter from Mrs LUCKHURST for wire.

Answered it Yes. Mr BOLITHO says No!! Hard Luck. Nothing doing.

W.K. has promised me a loan.

Mark SILL called (re) Mr Coyne want an extension of time! Granted !!

29th March F. Chelsea Friday

K. A. K. [Karl Allan KNOLL] arrived with two tons of wood.

I am writing to the Registrar of Stock. C.B.A. Melbourne.

I went to Sills and saw Mr Coyne. I got a Contract of Sale signed by Mrs Coyne.

Will [Wilhelm KNOLL] went to see the Dr. Le Souef (opx)

I walked as far as Poath Street.

Mr Wilken [Stephen Herbert WILKEN] & C. V. [Charlotte Victoria N. WILKEN] called this evening.

I went to see P. Wadham but he was out.

30th March F. Saturday

Don and Les went fishing. They caught one sprat each,

I wrote to E V E. [ E.V.EVANS??? ]

31st March F. The Lord’s Day Sunday

Sunday School Anniversary at the C of C (Church of Christ). I went in morning.

Alice and Law came. They took Ol &c to Balnarring.

Will and Law & Ol and the children came at night.

Bro. Clay preached at night. Ada & Will and the children went in the afternoon. Les Booker preached.


1st April 1935 F. Chelsea Monday

Olive, Alice, Valerie, Don, Joy & Les went fishing to a creek or drain. They caught 10 sprats.

Mrs NEEDHAM died this year aged 82. –
[Wife of Plunkett NEEDHAM, Annie VALENTINE ‘NEEDHAM’ from Newcastle-on Tyne - b. abt 1855 dgtr of James & Jane VALENTINE. NEEDHAM”S took over David & Jeanie GREEN’s selection at Wandin South – now in Dam reserve, includes the caretaker area inside the Silvan Reservoir reserve down to the bottom of the dam. d.1935 Springvale, Vic.]

Mrs LONG* has lost her reason.

* LONG, Mary Robertson SIMPSON b.1861 Collingwood (dgtr of James Simpson & Lillias Watson of the Caledonia Diggings, Queenstown - St Andrews) [m.1892 Maldon-born Edwin LONG] Four Long children born Longwood-Euroa 1893-1900. -Fruitgrowers @ South Wandin from about 1904, 1908, 1913 and after. She died later that year 1935 Kew, Vic. @ 75 yrs

2nd April F. Tuesday

I walked to Embankment Grove, Royal Avenue, Douglas Park & back down Chelsea Road. 25 minutes.

3rd April S. Chelsea Wednesday

I got a letter from P.Br. and from Aggie. [Emma Agnes ‘Aggie’ nee HOLLIS HILLI] I wrote to A.I.H. and to Aggie.

Ada & W went to Forbes for the day.

A photographer came and took Ol.

I went to the mid-week meeting. 6 were present.

A little light rain fell today.

Lawrence came this evening.

4th April F. Thursday

Alice & L & Valerie went home today, taking Ada with them.

Ada & Will brought home 3 chickens with them from Gertie [Forbes] (pullets)

I am reading Isaiah.

Bob Stubbs & wife called. Bob had a v narrow escape, motor accident.

5th April F. Friday

Hot for the time of year.

I went to see R. Wadham and surrender the Safe Custody Receipts. He will sell the bonds for me.

Ada, Alice, Val & Lawrence arrives after mid-night. Alice is not feeling v well.

6th April F. H. 86.8° Saturday

Another hot day.

Lawrence went home for the half day.

The boys went swimming.

Alice and Val are staying for a few days

Beach on Port Phillip Bay at Patterson River mouth.

7th April F. H. 87.8° The Lord’s Day Sunday

Another hot day. Bro ……exhorted & Bro Darvell presided (for the first time that I remember). Bro Martin preached at night on the Prodigal Son. Heavy rain fell before morning.

8th April W. C. Chelsea Monday

About 1 inch of rain fell.

9th April F. Tuesday

I got a letter from Mr Frazer. Beans are down to a 6/- per quarter. He is not making any money, but I think they badly need it.

Mr Wadham called with a cheque for me for the sale of the bonds, £ 313.

10th April F. Wednesday

I went to the S.S.B. and paid in my big cheque. It cost me 3/6 to collect a town cheque.

I went to the C.S.B. and bought a Prom. Note cost 3/-.

I got a letter from Geo at Fremantle.

I went to the mid-week meeting. Bro Martin did not arrive. We had a good sing-song meeting. 13 present.

Law. Came for the evening.

11th April F. Thursday

Lawrence went home.

Olive visited Mrs Jim Whittingham the city shopping.

12th April W. R. Friday

I got a letter form A I H, Lucky & from Reg. Wadham.

Lawrence came in the evening.

I walked to Embankment Grove, Station St, and back home via Swan Walk.

Lawrence hit an owl and run over a possum.

13th April F. c. Saturday

Will and I went to the S.S.B. and drew cheque.

I called on Mr. Wadham on my return journey but he was out. I called again at 2.30 and paid him a cheque for £425 the full payment for COYNES property. I signed the transfer.

Alice and Ol, Law and the children went fishing.

14th April F. c. The Lord’s Day Sunday

Record cold day, time of year, in NSW

Bro. Martin exhorted on falling away. Alice & Law and Ol & children were present. Bro. Warne is away again, perhaps sick. Bro. Martin preached at night on Lot.

½ inch of rain has fallen in three days. Heavy rain fell before the morning.

Ada went to Silvan with Alice. R. VCC D.

15th April W. Monday

Mrs Kirkland is not well. Jean has been with her for a few days.

I walked up one side of Chelsea Road and back on the other – 15 minutes.

My nickel watch stopped on Sat. night with a small bump.

Bro. Martin literature to hand.

16th April P. W. C. Tuesday

I stuck up some C. of C. posters advertising Bro. Martin’s services. I walked to the C. of C. and back down Chelsea Road – about 30 minutes out.

I wrote to P. Russell & Kennedy, solicitors re J.A.Parker’s transfer.

17th April F. Wednesday

About 1 ¼ inch of rain fell in the last 3 days.

I got Wadham’s bill & Coynes advertisment.

I walked via Blantyre to the C.S.B. I sent in my gold watch to Dunklings (Jewellers of Melbourne). I returned via Thames Street.

Mr Wadham called and brought the deeds of the land (Ward Anstey’s) on Point Nepean Road.

The pigeon’s mate called for the first tim.

18th April W. Thursday

About 10 points of rain fell. 4 inches have fallen at Silvan.

Joyce and Les are learning Isaiah 53.

Cliff brought Barb & Fred for a few days.

I went [2 hours 20 minutes] to the Business Meeting. Bro. Collings has resigned & so has Bro. Murphy. Bro. Catchpole, Downey, Warne, Darvell were elected Deacons. Mrs. Goulay, Darvell & Warnes were elected as Deaconesses.

I wrote to A.I. H.

The kitten arrived from Silvan.

19th April F. Good Frday Friday

Chas Knoll hurt his wrist rather badly some time ago.

The car backfired. I walked down Thames and back on the other side.

Another 50 points of rain fell yesterday.

Barb & Co went to the beach yesterday & today.

20th April W. Easter Saturday Saturday

Steady rain fell nearly all day. About 50 points of rain fell.

Floods in Gippsland.

21st April S. Easter Sunday Sunday

“Some Boy” exhorted & preached again at night. Congregation fairly good.

Rain fell all over the State during the last 48 hours.

22nd April Easter Monday Monday

About another 50 points of rain fell.

I walked along Blantyre to the Rec. Ground and back down Catherine Avenue.

Barb, Ol and children walked to Carrum and back home along the beach.

J. A. PARKER’s transfer has arrived from P. Russell & Kennedy.

23rd April S. Tuesday

Bob Stubbs called with briquettes.

About ? points of rain fell.

My back is weak.

24th April F. Wednesday

Dunklings want 3/- more to mend and clean my Elgin. I sent it.

I walked along Blantyre to the C.S.B., thence to SILL’s with posters & home. I called on R. Wadham, but he was out.

25th April VF Anzac Day Thursday

I called on R.W. at 11 AM and paid him £7. 9. in full.

I rested in the sun and counted 2,500 sunflower seeds.

Don went fishing – O – Then they all went to the beach.

26th April F Friday

I rested all day. Back a bit tired.

27th April F. h. Saturday

I wrote to A. E. S.*

Will motored to Silvan, taking Barb & Fred with him.

The pigeon has gone.

* A. E. S. might be : -

1. Alfred's widowed & remarried brother-in-law Albert ? STEWART - b.1868 Hokitika, Westland, New Zealand - son of James Blackshaw STEWART & Annie O'SHANNASSEY - who had married in 1903 to their eldest sister Emily Florence HOLLIS who died in 1907 Campbell's Creek, Vic. @ 37 yrs after having a child who then also died, Ronald Albert STEWART b.1904 – 1908 Campbell's Creek - ALbert STEWART was an Engine Driver & Mine Engineer or Steam Engineer remarried in 1920 to Louisa Margaret GARRETT. He died 1943 in Bendigo.

2. Alfred Hollis's relatively contemporay English cousin, Arthur E. SUCKLING a letter carrier - b.6 June 1878 St Marys, Islington, London, Middle - Died 10 November 1947 Upminster, Essex, son of their mother Eliza Suckling Hollis's younger brother George SUCKLING (1844 – 1927) a newsagent of East Ham, Essex, (London) England.

3. Alfred's contemporary Alfred Edward SEBIRE b.1877 Wandin Yallock -son of Henri 'Henry' SEBIRE (1828-1902) & Martha RIHOY (1835-1909) Guernsey-born Methodist pioneers of Wandin Yallock -

28th April F. W. c. The Lord’s Day Sunday

The 11th Anniversary of the Chelsea C. of C. (Church of Christ). Bro. Martin exhorted.

A fine morning. A wet evening and night. ½ inch of rain fell.

Bro. Martin preached.

29th April S.R.c. Monday

I walked to Shirwood, thence to Station Street, thence to Pt Nepean Road & back to 20 Catherine Av.

Mr. Coyne was out, but I saw Mrs C.

I saw Bro. Catchpole.

I left my boots at Bullough for repairs.

Heavy rain fell in the evening.

Jim Parker has set out on a sea trip to Tasmania & Queensland.

30th April R.c.W. Tuesday

I posted old hymn books to J. E.

I got my boots back with new soles and heels and some boot protectors from Bullough. 5/-.

About ¾ inch of rain fell since yesterday.

The second C. of C. concert was held: attendance fair. [I did not go.]


1st May F. Wednesday

Seven were present at the mid-week meeting, Mrs Wookey asked numerous questions. The meeting was late in finishing. I did not get home until about 10 PM.

Bro. Martin spoke on Matthew 20 & Acts 1 & 2.

2nd May F. Thursday

I got a letter from A. E. S.

Ada and Will came home from Silvan.

I paid Mr. Coyne £3.7.6 – the adjustment for rates, etc, on this property.

Joe Parker’s* house is being built. Frank Parker^ is the builder.

* Rowland Richard 'Joe' PARKER, -b.25 Aug 1908 Parker Road, South Wandin Yallock - son of Widford, Hertfordshire-born [A.C.P] Albert Charles PARKER (1877-1942) & Janie Frances 'Jeanie' MARTIN (1883-1957) of Burleigh, Silvan South-- - (m.1935 Eva Ellen TURNER b.abt 1915 ) of Burleigh, Silvan South -Parents of Roly, Eva, Edna, Peter & Valerie Parker - -d.16 Mar 1989 Burleigh, Silvan South - - -BURIED: 21 Mar 1989 Lilydale Lawn Cemetery;[LLC] W1-Row 1

^ Frank PARKER was Joe Parker's Paternal Uncle
-Francis 'Frank' PARKER, b.6 June 1874 Widford, Hertfordshire, Eng. -son of James 'Jim' PARKER (1834–1910) & Martha LETCH (1835–1902) of Widford & later South Wandin Yallock - Emigrated on the ship "Port Jackson" to arrive Melbourne January 1884. -(m.Vic.1903 Susannah BISSELL) He had farm property in Wandin South before removing to the Prahran- East St Kilda Area and working as a Builder - d.abt 13 October 1953 South Melbourne -- BURIED: 15 October 1953 Cremated - Springvale Botanical Cemetery;

3rd May F. Friday

I walked to Embankment Grove & down Station Street towards Edithvale pier. I crossed over at Black’s Crossing and back down the Swan Walk. I was ¾ of an hour.

Luckhurst sent £ 2. I replied.

4th May F. y. F. Saturday

I walked to Shirwood avenue after tea.

Will dug the garden.

5th May F. The Lord’s Day Sunday

Bro. Warne presided, Br Martin exhorted & preached again at night on the woman that nagged Herodias.

Sent in my spectacles for repair.

6th May VF Monday

Cricket, but no walk.

I borrowed W. K.’s reading glasses.

7th May F. Tuesday

I walked to Black Street, Donald Grove, etc. The streets are unmade and some places, uncleared.

8th May F. Wednesday

I went to the mid-week meeting. 12 ½ present. Bro. Darvell presided and Mrs Prentice played the organ. D. D. is away on holiday I think.

I had a long talk to Mr & Mrs Coyne.

I got my spectacles back from Bennett’s. 110 Collins Street, Melb.

D. L. W. at Chelsea ! ?

9th May F. Thursday

I got a letter from Ed.

He has pulled down the old shed that nearly fell as a result of the flood. He has rebuilt and has £ 3-16 worth of [matria /mafria ] for sale!

Mrs Petterson called. They are leaving Chelsea for Carrum today.

Olive went to Sunshine.

Ada and Will went to Melbourne.

I wrote Ed. & to Mr. Frazer.

Rain came on at 5 PM.

10th May F. Friday

About 10 points of rain fell last night & this am.

Cricket. I sent money PN to Mr. Bennett.

I took my watch to Mr Stevens.

11th May F. Saturday

I visited Mr. Wadham re a tenant. I must return and see Mr Wadham at 8.30 Tuesday morning.

I visited Mark Sill and collected Coynes 35/-. I borrowed an electoral roll from Mark Sill.

I visited Mr. Millar of Embankment Grove, he was not at home. I will call again [D.V.] on Monday.

Mr Stevens wanted 5/- to fix up my n (new?) watch, but I would not pay it.

12th May S. C. The Lord’s Day Sunday

About 10 points of rain fell in the morning. Fine but cold at night.

Bro. Bradley presided. Bro. M. preached at night on infant sprinkling. Mrs Warne and Mrs Prentice played. Bro. Barrass sang a solo.

13th May F. Monday

I walked to Black’s Crossing and back down Chelsea Road.

I went to Blennerhasset’s for a remedy for scab legs. He sold me a pot of sulphur ointment.

I got a letter from Mrs MORRIS.

A heavy frost in the city.

14th May F. Tuesday

I rose early and visited Reg. Wadham re tenant. No Luck.

Later I visited Mr. Sill and put the block of land in his hands for sale for £ 185.

My back is tireder than usual.

15th May F. Wednesday

H. Parker came for Ol & Don.

Mr. & Mrs. Hillcrest have come to blows again.

I went to the mid-week meeting. Bro Darvell presided. 5 present.

Mr. Laube, of Donald Grove, was knocked down by motor c has been in bed 2 week.

Family in for poor circumstances.

Rain fell before morning.

16th May F. R. Thursday

I went to the C. of C. to see Mrs Darvell and got Laube’s address.

I got a letter from H. E. W. [ Henry Edwin WARD (1867-19455) of ‘Highgate’ Bald Hills, East Monbulk]

Jack Gerhard* is living in North Melbourne, aged 80 years.

I wrote to H. E. W.

* [Johann 'Jack' GERHARD, (aka John GERHARDS] was born 30th December 1854 Laumburg, Nassau, (now Limburg an der Lahn), Deutschland -EMIGRATED: from Germany per the ship "ALTKAR' arriving Port Melbourne in March 1883 - (m.Vic.1891 Louisa PARNELL) -NATURALIZED: at age 57 after 20 years in Australia as a Labourer or South Wandin on the 9th October 1912 at South Wandin, c/- Miss Siddle, postmistress @ Monbulk. - He was also then in residence at No.2 Scotia street, Preston while his wife was residing at South Wandin -HISTORY: Australian Residencies: Gisborne 7 years; Geelong 5 years; West Australia nearly 4 years; Narre Warren over one & a half years; Wandin South & Preston - No Children. Signed His Alien's Memorial Declaration before Mr John Henning THOMPSON, J.P. of South Wandin on the 25th July 1912. LAND: Took up two village farm LOTS on the Woori Yallock Creek Flats below Bald Hills, East Monbulk His wife Lousi died in East Melborune in 1922. Jack Gerhard died in 1938 @ Heidelberg-on-Yarra, @ 83 yrs - SO: H.E.W. (above) is likely to be Henry Edwin WARD, as he was a neighbour to Jack GERHARD.]

17th May F. Friday

I visited Mr. & Mrs. Munro of Glenola Road. I played 4 games of draught with Mr. M. and read him 1st chapter of John. I was 1 ½ hours gone.

18th May F. Saturday

I answered an advert of Mr. Samuels of Diamond Creek, Teacher, for a house at Mordy (Mordialloc) or Chelsea.

19th May V.F. The Lord’s Day Sunday

Bro Barrass presided, and Bro Martin exhorted - subject: the Spirit-filled life. Bro Martin preached on “In the cool of the evening.” Congregation: Fair. A lady sang.

Alice, Law & Val came for a day or two.

20th May F. Monday

21st May F. Tuesday

I got a letter from Geo, and answered it.

Les & I put on the ointment to cure the scaly-legged hens.

I was tired.

Alice, L, V, & Joy left for Silvan.

22nd May F Wednesday

I got Coyne’s Insurance Policy from R. Wadham.

I went to the mid-week meeting. Bro M presided. 5 ½ congregated. Subject: “The Man without a Wedding Garment.”

23rd May condit Thursday

A few light shower, but no quantity of rain fell.

Mr. Frazer wrote to Ada.

Andy Webb ran over F. foot with his motor car. Frazer was able to walk home but his foot swelled badly afterwards.

24th May F, Friday

Ada visited Mr. Coyne. He was sick, and Mrs. Coyne was out.

Ada & Will went to see Coyne’s new house. It is small, but v nice, and finished off spendidly.

The first night of the Methodist Mission. The Rev. Kent was there & 5 College students: I. Maggs, Fred McKay, McLeod, Millar, etc.

Mr David Black* died this morning. -

We were 2 ¼ hours away at the Mission. 1 convert.

* -[David BLACK -b.abt 1860 - son of David Black & Janet Wilson, died 1935 Chelsea, Victoria @ 75 yrs]

25th May F. Saturday

I rested all day.

There was to be an open air meeting was to be an open-air meeting at the corner of Pt Nepean Road and The Strand tonight. Ivor Maggs was to be in charge.

26th May F.F.g.y.C. The Lord’s Day Sunday

I went twice. Bro Martin exhorted & preached

I was v tired.

E. A. H. was fined £ 3. 18 & costs. Hard Luck.
[Alf's brother, Edward Arthur HOLLIS] who was then before the courts over family breakup and issues of the use of force. Ed Hollis was then separated from his wife Emma Alice Elizabeth REID HOLLIS who was of mixed African & Scottish ancestry known in South Arica as 'Cape Coloured', and sadly, she suffered some prejudice from unfortunate souls in Silvan, and as an ex-policemen, Ed Holliswas made more turbulent in that scenario. Emma was born in 1889 in South Africa, and came to @ South Wandin in 1912-13, returned to Africa and then came back to settle in Silvan / Mount Evelyn again from 1925. {Note: She was a member of the congregation for my baptism in 1968 at Mt Evelyn Church of Christ] - She died in 1969 @ her daughter's Eleanor Knoll in Hoddles Creek]

Ed [Edward Arthur HOLLIS] is living at Allan’s temporarily. [Karl Allan KNOLL]

Ed hollis later settled in there in one of the picker's huts, after his daughter 'Eve' (Evelyn Barbara Hollis, married her cousin, my grandfather, Karl Allan Knoll in 1943. (1898-1984). Note: Ed Hollis, the veteran Boer-War soldier, died there at my grandfather Allan Knoll's in 1945.

27th May F. Monday

I rested all day.

Ada visited Mrs. Young.

Ada, W. & L. went to the M. Mission.

Will called on Sill for me re electric light etc.

Holliday last this week.

28th May F. Tuesday

Chas & K. called.

Ada & Will went to the Methodist Mission. 16 cong. 5 students & Rev. Kent.

29th May S. c. Wednesday

Will motored to Silvan & bought Ol., Don & Joy home.

A heavy shower fell about 5 PM. Hail in the city & elsewhere. Cold. Rough.

I went to the mid-week meeting. Mr & Mrs Darvell, Mrs Prentice & Stan. 5 all told. Subject: Parable of the 10 virgins.

30th May F. C. Thursday

I got a letter from Mr. Frazer. His foot is recovering slowly.

He sent me a hymn of line of his own composition.

Ada, W, Ol, Les & I went to the Methodist Mission. The 5 Evangelists & Rev. Kent were present. A nice meeting. We did not get home till nearly 10 PM.

I was v tired.

31st May S. Friday

I slept for 8 hours without waking. c.m.

Bob Stubbs won 18/- consolation prize in a? Artist Com. last week. He has sent for a ticket in Tatts as a result of his win.

Will (also Don, Joy & Les) are fixing up 20 Katie (Catherine) Avenue.

35 points of rain fell before morning.

No one went to the Mission owing to steady rain setting in.


1st June 1935 F. Saturday

I had a letter from A. I. H. cricket. [ Annie Irene HOLLAND (1920-2010)]

Mr Darvell called. Bro Catchpole v ill.

I went to the open air meeting at the Wilson & Licock corner of The Strand. A good meeting. Ivor Maggs. Fred McKay & Duthie & Kent were present. About 40 listeners and a number of passers’-by. I stayed there one hour.

2nd June 1935 F. Fy The Lord’s Day Sunday

Bro Catchpole is dangerously ill. Warne & Darvell are also both off colour and so are Munro’s & Cheels. Barrass presided. Martin exhorted.

At night Bro Martin preached on ‘The Man that Got The Huff: Naaman.’ Barrass sang. The church was practically empty. There was an Endeavour Rally in the city.

Ada & Will went to the Methodist.

3rd June 1935 F.F.y Monday

Will & I went to the last night of the Methodist Mission. Testimonies were given. Bro Duthie & Maggs only were present. Congregation fair.

4th June 1935 FF+y Tuesday

I visited Mrs. Catchpole. Mr. Catchpole has ulcer in the stomach. I doubt if (he) ever leaves the Alfred Hospital alive. He has had two haemorrhages and can take no food.

Mark Sill called telling me he had let 20 Catherine Avenue.

5th June 1935 F. Wednesday

Cash arrived from Luckhurst.

I went to the mid-week meeting. Mr & Mrs Darvell, Mrs Cheel, Mrs Hammond & Reita, Mrs Wookey, Mrs --- & her daughter played the organ. 9 all told.

Mr. Catchpole died this morning, aged 69 years. The church are sending a wreath. Bro Martin presided.

6th June 1935 F delectable Thursday

Alice and L. called. Ada, W, Ol went with them for a motor trip down the peninsula to Baxter. Law viewed the property @ £375..20.

I got a letter from G. H. H. [George Hubert HOLLIS, of South Africa] & a letter from the Chelsea Council re branches of a tree overhanging Pt Nepean Road.

Geo. sent me a Douay translation of Rev. Chapter 17 a good translation.

7th June 1935 S. Friday

I was v tired in the morning and rested all day.

8th June 1935 F. Saturday

My tenants arrived. – Scotlands arrived -

About 30 points of rain fell.

I walked to Station and back down Catherine avenue.

9th June 1935 F.c. The Lord’s Day Sunday

Bro -- presided. Bro Martin exhorted and also preached at night on “Who Crucified Jesus”

10th June 1935 Fy F Monday

Ada & Will inspected a house in Joy Avenue & Another in ………….

A heavy frost. Rain fell before morning.

I wrote to Mr. Frazer. [William Couser FRAZER of Wiseman Rd, Burleigh]

11th June 1935 F. Tuesday

Ada & Will & Olive inspected houses in Joy Avenue & (Tarella Road) down near Black’s Crossing.

12th June 1935 F. Wednesday

Ada a bit sick, in bed.

A little rain fell.

I went to the meeting. 3 only were present. Mr & Mrs Darvell. I borrowed a book from Mrs. D.

Lois FIELD called with a month old pup. Joyce say she is buying it for 2/6.

Mr Sill called on Will.

13th June 1935 F. Fy Thursday

Mr. & Mrs. Stubbs called. Bob brought some glass.

I called on Mark Sill. I saw Jim Coyne. He looks thinner than ever.

Mayer hedge was clipped today.

No.54 was trimmed yesterday by J. Brown of 11 Kangaroo Road, Chelsea. I had a little talk to him. He is Scotch & has 5 children in a Salvation Army home.

Olive went to the city and bought me a 5/- shirt.

Fred Shaw is sick.

14th June 1935 F. Friday

I went to the R.C. (Church) school with a few crosses & 75 Gospels of St John. I could have disposed of more.

10 points of rain fell.

15th June 1935 F. Saturday

I called at 20 Catherine Avenue. Mrs Scotland had paid the rent to Mr. Sill.

Will had the plumber here. They fixed up the …

Arthur BINSTEAD is to be married soon at Wesley Church. [Arthur BINSTEAD b.1893]

Reg JOHNS is to be married on July 6th. [Lawrence’s elder brother, Reginald James JOHNS 1904-200?]

Mrs Ralph CHAPMAN has a new baby [Flo. Christina 'Bunny' HENDERSON CHAPMAN 1907-1989]

& so has Mrs Sandy HENDERSON. [Myra KING D’ARGAVILLE HENDERSON 1904-1986]

Alma BINSTEAD & Les POYNTON have been married some time.

Joyce visited Lois FIELD.

The Beechworth Derby started !

16th June 1935 c.F. The Lord’s Day Sunday

Bro Martin presided, exhorted and preached to small congregation in the evening.

Fanny SMITH called. [Frances Rebecca ‘Fanny’ SMITH (1873-1945)] She is contemplating a trip to Sydney.

Bert SMITH [Ethelbert Gladstone SMITH (1867-1946), brother of Fanny SMITH] was knocked down and stunned about 1 month ago. He was struck by a tram. He was 2 weeks or more in Sommer St hospital. He had concussion.

W. K. [Wilhelm KNOLL] is preparing for his departure for Silvan to build.

17th June 1935 F. Monday

I went to the Christian Endeavour for the first time. 17 were present. Frank Gourlay, his cousin. The two Miss Ingles took a prominent part.

18th June 1935 F. Tuesday

About 5 points of rain fell.

I wrote to G. H. H. [George Hubert HOLLIS, of South Africa]

19th June 1935 Fy.C Wednesday

Ada [HOLLIS KNOLL] & Will [Wilhelm KNOLL] motored to Silvan.

I went to the Prayer Meeting. 5 & Bro Martin were present.

I was as cold as a frog and v tired when I got home.

20th June 1935 VC Thursday

I caught a chill last night and spent the day in bed, taking aspiros.

The coldest day of the year.

Ada [HOLLIS KNOLL], W [Wilhelm KNOLL], Alice [KNOLL JOHNS], L [Lawrence JOHNS] and Valerie [JOHNS] came for a few hours only.

Ada saw E. A. H. [Emma Alice HOLLIS] & J. F. [Joe FRITH]

Eleanor HILLI is still in hospital & is under-nourished & has ulcers.

Fred SHAW is better but not himself yet.

Eleanor HILLI only weighs 20 lbs @ 3 years old.

21st June 1935 F. Friday

I received the Quarter’s interest from Luckhurst.

I spent most of the day in bed. V cold.

22nd June 1935 VC Saturday

A little rain fell. I spent another day in bed.

23rd June 1935 VC. The Lord’s Day Sunday

About 1 inch of rain has fallen over the last 3 days.

I did not go to church at all. I was in bed nearly all day.

I walked to the bottom of Chelsea Road.

24th June 1935 S. (10ht) Monday

The plumber came.

I got a letter from Ben SESSIONS.*

I got a bottle of Fellow’s Syrup.

Olive [KNOLL WHITTINGHAM] & W. K. [Wilhelm KNOLL] went to the city.

- * [SESSIONS, Benjamin Ebenezer -b.1895 Strathbogie North, nr Benalla, Vic. -son of Goldfields Bendigo-born Benjamin SESSIONS & Violet-Town-born, Emily WHITE - (m.Vic.1920 Hilda Lydia Maud ESSENHIGH) Carpenter @ Sth Wandin by 1913 - d.1972 Parville @ 77yrs - SPOUSE - SESSIONS, Hilda Lydia Maud ESSENHIGH -b.1892 Highlands, Benalla, -daughter of Adelaide-born John ESSENHIGH & Beechworth-born Elisabetha Luise DAUBENTHALER (Mrs B.E.Sessions) - d.1981 Benalla @ 88yrs -CHILDREN: SESSIONS, Elizabeth - ? ? -SESSIONS, Leslie Charles - -son of Benjamin SESSIONS & Emily WHITE - d.1983 Ferntree Gully @ 85 yrs]

25th June 1935 S Tuesday

Allan [Karl Allan KNOLL] came with a truck of wood. He took back a load of goods.

Ada [HOLLIS KNOLL] & Will [Wilhelm KNOLL] went to Silvan to prepare for building the new house.

26th June 1935 F. Wednesday

The pup Rex came to hand last night. The children are greatly taken with him.

27th June 1935 F. Thursday

I received another letter from Mr. Sessions.* I answered it.

The cold weather still continues.

- * [SESSIONS, Benjamin Ebenezer -b.1895 Strathbogie North, nr Benalla, Vic. -son of Goldfields Bendigo-born Benjamin SESSIONS & Violet-Town-born, Emily WHITE - (m.Vic.1920 Hilda Lydia Maud ESSENHIGH) Carpenter @ Sth Wandin by 1913 - d.1972 Parville @ 77yrs ]

28th June 1935 F C Friday

I contracted a bilious attack with dizziness & generally out of sorts.

29th June 1935 F. c Saturday

Olive collected my rent from Mrs Scotland. All O.K.

I am recovering slowly and was able to eat a little dinner.

W. K. [Wilhelm KNOLL] has cut his hand on the motor saw. He has caught a chill.

30th June 1935 F C The Lord’s Day Sunday

I went to Church once only. It was too cold to go at night without an overcoat.

Le Page presided and Bro Martin exh talked on conditions in heathen lands.

I walked to Woodbine Grove.

Elizabeth Emma SUCKLING, the Hollis sibling's Aunt.

Elizabeth Emma SUCKLING, born 24 May 1834 Widford, Hertfordshire, England, had recently died age 99 & 7 mnths, on 10th December 1933 at Glen Eira Rd, Elsternwick.

She was Aunt Lizzie to Alfred, Ada, Ed & George Hollis, as she emigrated with their mother, her younger sister Eliza SUCKLING by way of Assisted Passage on the ship 'SAM CEARNS' arriving in Melbourne in December 1865.

She had been a ladies maid, after 'escaping' from the Workhouse in Ware, Hertfordshire, to which all the Suckling children were committed after both their parents died in epidemics of the late 1840s.

Aunt Elizabeth Emma was indentured to pay of her passage, and along with her sister Eliza, worked variously for the the families of Ernest a nd Albert Wiseman, after they arrived in Melbourne. At the WIseman's, Eliza Suckling met another in the Wiseman's employ, a young coachman and groom, and soon became Mrs Hubert John HOLLIS.

Elizabeth Emma Suckling later managed her own small ladies shop in Prahran, and again in Elsternwick.

She adopted a daughter, Gertrude Annie 'Gertie' EVANS SUCKLING (1888-1952) who was later to marry the Chemist's son, Reginald FORBES of Malvern, and after lived in Caulfield. By the time of this diary she was mother of Beth Forbes b.1915, Geoffrey 'Geoff' Forbes b.1918, & the twins, Eunice Forbes b.1926 & Phillip James Forbes b.1926, of mention herein.

Some part of the Forbes family became embroiled in the Exclusive Brethren sub-sect of the Brethren church, and sadly became estranged.

Gertrude Annie Evans Suckling Forbes was a cousin of the Hollis siblings. In 1935 Reginald Forbes was a Clerk. He and Gertie and the family then lived at 53 Narong Road, Caulfield, Victoria.


1st July 1935 F. Monday

I walked to Woodbine Grove, Douglas Parade & Shirwood Av. 28 minutes.

I saw a man that resemble Sessions, Jun.* (G s & J) Sunshine.

- * [-SESSIONS, Leslie Charles - -son of Benjamin SESSIONS & Emily WHITE - d.1983 Ferntree Gully @ 85 yrs]

2nd July 1935 F. Tuesday

I got a letter from A. I. H. [ Annie Irene HOLLAND (1920-2010)] & from Agnes [Emma Agnes HOLLIS HILLI]. Eleanor [HILLI] is to come home on Tuesday.

I again walked the Woodbine grove- Shirwood Avenue. 28 minutes.

I am reading Jeremiah 10-12 chapters – Sunshine

3rd July 1935 S. C Wednesday

About 12 points of rain fell.

My back felt strained after yesterday’s walk. No walk today. I did not go the Wednesday meeting.

Joyce and Les went to Darwells this evening for Sunday school lesson.

4th July 1935 S. Thursday

50 pts. Repair work is going on at Boobook. Catchpoles are said to be coming to live there soon.
I visited Mr. Sill re 17/6. He wants to see Mrs Scotland’s books !

I was away 35 minutes. I walked to the S.S.B. (overcoat).

Joy & Les went to Darvells !

5th July 1935 F. Friday

I wrote to A. I. H. & broke my fountain pen nib. [Annie Irene HOLLAND (1920-2010)]

X X Half an inch of rain has fallen over the last few days.

X I am taking Fellow’s Syrup

‘The Wedding Garment’ is under discussion.

6th July 1935 F Saturday

Les went to visit the Warnes at Golden Avenue.

Alice and Lawrence came for the night. They have just taken over their land at Baxter.

They brought me a £ 2.10 overcoat from Allan.

Reg Johns was married today to Miss May Andrews of Wandin.

7th July 1935 F.Fy The Lord’s Day Sunday

A light frost.

I went to church twice. Mrs C. Bro Warne presided. Bro Martin exhorted, and preached at night ‘Enoch Walking With The Lord.’

Mr Ted Reeves died this evening.

Mrs Johns is in Belgrave hospital with gall stones.[Rosamund nee BAILEY JOHNS, of Wiseman Rd, Burleigh]

8th July 1935 Fy F Monday

X - Another frost.

X – I am sending my watch back to Dunklings. The hands stop.

X – I walked to the PO & also bought a dental brush.

I wrote to Aggie. [Emma Agnes ‘Aggie’ nee HOLLIS HILLI]

I met a little Irishman and Christian Scientist. Oslow is in Norway.

Joy and Les went for an exam at the C. of C.

9th July 1935 Fy F Tuesday


Mrs Hillcrest sent me two weeks rent ! and a promise of more !

I got the insurance policy transfers from Mr. Sessions.

I wrote to Mrs Hillcrest. (& to M. S. )

The people who lived at Neston have gone.

Olive went to the city and bought a rug for Ada, a 3/6 watch for me, a shirt, tie, etc.

10th July 1935 Fy F Wednesday

I had a letter from Les Sessions* & a 10/- deposit on the building material he was buying. He has not taken it yet.

I wrote to L. C. S. - * [SESSIONS, Leslie Charles - -son of Benjamin SESSIONS & Emily WHITE - d.1983 Ferntree Gully @ 85 yrs]

I walked to Chelsea and bought 6/- of motor oil.

I went to the prayer meeting. 7 & 2 ½ were present. Mr. Warne was there until 9.

I got home at 10 PM. The weather is getting warmer in the day time.

11th July 1935 S Thursday

I got my monthly instalments from Lucky.

I sent Sessions* £ 3.16.10 Fire Insurance for Hillcrests & Luckhursts.

I went to the P.O. and also called on Sill. I saw Jim Coyne. He talked about the sale of my block.

Mrs J. Johns is out of hospital.

- * [SESSIONS, Benjamin Ebenezer -b.1895 Strathbogie North, nr Benalla, Vic. -son of Goldfields Bendigo-born Benjamin SESSIONS & Violet-Town-born, Emily WHITE - (m.Vic.1920 Hilda Lydia Maud ESSENHIGH) Carpenter @ Sth Wandin by 1913 - d.1972 Parville @ 77yrs - SPOUSE - SESSIONS, Hilda Lydia Maud ESSENHIGH -b.1892 Highlands, Benalla, -daughter of Adelaide-born John ESSENHIGH & Beechworth-born Elisabetha Luise DAUBENTHALER (Mrs B.E.Sessions) - d.1981 Benalla @ 88yrs -CHILDREN: SESSIONS, Elizabeth - ? ? -SESSIONS, Leslie Charles - -son of Benjamin SESSIONS & Emily WHITE - d.1983 Ferntree Gully @ 85 yrs]

12th July 1935 S. Friday

About ½ inch of rain fell yesterday & today.

Lawrence, Alice and Val called. They took a double bed from here to Baxter.

I sent Fred Shaw a nickel watch by Alice & Lawrence.

13th July 1935 F. Saturday

I collected the rent from Mrs Scotland.

I visited Mr. Sill and collected the money that was due to me there.

14th July 1935 F c The Lord’s Day Sunday

Bro Bradley presided & Bro Martin exhorted. Bro Martin preached at night. Subject: ‘The Unpardonable Sin.’

15th July 1935 F. Monday

I walked to Embankment Grove.

D. D. is (here/ next ???)

Poultry pens are being erected in Fowler Street.

16th July 1935 F c Tuesday

I walked to Glenola Road via Argyle Av. & back down Glenola Rd behind the State School. I called at Munroe’s but they were out.

Olive’s reinforcement came to hand again.

I was tired and sweated like a bull.

17th July 1935 F Wednesday

I wrote to George.

My watch came back from Dunklings.

Olive and children went for a walk toward Wells Road. They saw a bull and turned back.

I went to the mid-week meeting. 4 Darvell, Warne & Mrs Prentice were present.

Mr Munroe lives with one daughter. Mrs with another.

18th July 1935 F. Thursday

I got a letter from A. I. H. [Annie Irene HOLLAND (1920-2010)]

I have moved into “Neston”.

Olive is reading Samuel to the children and [HCP / HeP ].

We put a ring (wire) on the pullet legs.

I am reading Mr. Darvell’s book by Bishop Ryle.

A windy day. I was overstretched and did not sleep well.

18th July 1935 R. Friday

Progress report: the blocks are nearly all in for the new house,

Mr Burke brought a prospective buyer for the house. [56 Chelsea Road, CHELSEA,VIC]

20th July 1935 F Saturday

I got a letter from Fred Shaw. He got the watch but it dropped to the ground and stopped. His dad was able to start it again.

I walked to Catherine Ave.

Alice & Law & Val came for the night. Law is cutting ferns at Baxter.

21st July 1935 Fy F The Lord’s Day Sunday

Mr Barrass presided & Bro Martin exhorted. I was tired before 12.40.

Les & I went again in the evening. Bro Barrass sang. Bro M. preached.

22nd July 1935 Fy Monday

I got a letter form Ben Sessions & Insurance Policy. I answered, asking for 3/7 changed !

I walked to Woodbine Grove and posted letters.

I am reading ‘Home Truth’ by Bishop Ryle (ie Darvells).

23rd July 1935 Fy F Tuesday

A heavy frost.

I got a long letter from Mrs. Hillcrest containing 22/- .

Mr. Proctor *1, Mr Pender*.2. & Mr Williams, *3. Lilydale butcher, are all dead.

- [ *1. John James PROCTOR, 'Reverend' (Baptist) - b.1858 Preston, Lancashire, Eng. -(m.Vic.1899 Emily ALice NEWELL) - One child, born Tower Hill, Vic. - Baptist Minister at Koroit & South Wandin & Lilydale. - (Res: @ Queens Rd Sth Wandin fruitgrower in1909) -d. July 1935 Lilydale - Reverend Proctor married Allan Knoll and Mary Chapman at Silvan Methodist chruch in 1922 to Baptist forms. He also married Charl Knoll and Mabel Briggs in 1926.

- [ *2. Robert Moffatt PENDER -b.25 Jan 1869 Kilsyth, Stirlingshire, Scotland -son of of George John Pender & Marjory Moffatt - (m.Vic.1916 Echuca-born Eileen Sadie ROBERTS (1893–1952)). At least four children: two sons, McAllister Pender (1916), Ian Moffat Pender (1918–1979) & two daughters, Marjory Eileen 'Davidson' Pender (1920–2011) & Elizabeth Pender (b.1923). - in 1922 Pender was a FRUITGROWER @ Lewis Road, Wandin Yallock. - -Died 15 July 1935 @ Lilydale, Vic. ]

- [ *3. ? cannot be found - and maybe it is mistaken. There was then a butcher called Williams in Lilydale: William Henry Williams - b.1862 Yering, Lillydale, Upper Yarra Valley - son of John WILLIAMS & Eliza GOODYER – (m.Vic.1890 Mary Jane KEENAN) -but he died later, in 1951 Coburg, Melbourne]

I am writing to Mrs Hillcrest. [ his sister-in-law Emma A E HOLLIS, who rents'HILLCREST']

Olive went to the city this afternoon.

24th July 1935 S Wednesday

Only a little light rain fell. I talked to the woman in Blantyre opposite Haysom’s. I promised her some pumpkin seed.

Only Warne, Mrs & Miss Darvell were at the m-w- meeting.

25th July 1935 F Thursday

I took Mrs Blantyre some pumpkin seed as I had promised. I talked for about 35 minutes.

The Rev Kent called while I was away.

26th July 1935 F. Friday

Rex bit the corner off the cover of my Bible. He damaged the first 12 pages too.
He is on the chain today.

I walked to Errol Grove.

27th July 1935 S Saturday

12 points of rain fell.

Alice & Law were at Baxter. Ol was in bed all day, but Don & Les went to Baxter for the day. Alice and L. came here for the night.

I walked to Catherine avenue.

28th July 1935 Fy F The Lord’s Day Sunday

Al & L. went home this morning.

I went to church with D.L. & Joy. Bro Smith presided.

I talked to Mr Hendy this afternoon.

Joyce went to Frankston hospital (open air treatment) this afternoon.

At night Bro Martin preached on Romans III: 19-25. Les came out as a convert. X X X X X X

29th July 1935 Fy F Monday

A heavy frost. I have lost or mislaid my Alexander’s Hymn Book.

Mr. Darvell has had bad attack of the flu.

Bro. Martin came to tea & tried to teach Les all about baptism etc.

I bought 4 sack from Furness.

R. S. called. [Reg Sill, estate agent]

30th July 1935 S Tuesday

Will [KNOLL] has a bad back, picked or strained. He has Joe Frith, Ted Hilli & Cliff Shaw helping on the house.

About 50 points of rain fell.

I visited James Coyne in his new house, Station Street.

31st July 1935 F Wednesday

Fred Shaw has the flu. Rinsing.

Olive went to Dr. Le Souef. He says she need an operation at the Alfred Hospital. She will be away from home 2 weeks.

K.A.K., Warne, Darvell & a lady whose name I do not know were all at Wed. night meeting.

I walked twice to the Station. I wrote to A. I. H. [Annie Irene HOLLAND (1920-2010)]


1st August 1935 F Thursday

I got my hair cut at McMillans.

I got a letter from G.H.H. Bro. Sherriff has been dead some 4 or 5 weeks. Nellie sent the children a lot of stamps.

2nd August 1935 F Friday

We caught all the fowls and treated them for scaly legs.

I saw the Pole again.

3rd August 1935 R V C Saturday

I saw Mr. Scoflan / Scofland for the first time. He works for Malvern Star.

I got a letter and a postal note for 3/6 from Mr. Sessions. Overpaid.

My back is weak. Rows of peas planted.

4th August 1935 R.V.C.S. The Lord’s Day Sunday

Bro Darvell presided & Bro Martin exhorted.

I went back to bed to keep warm. Les has a collecting card.

Bro Martin preached at night. Congregation about 13.

A heavy shower fell during the last 2 days.

5th August 1935 F. Monday

I wrote to G. H. H. [George Hubert HOLLIS, of South Africa]

I planted a pumpkin seed.

Joe Parker was married on Saturday.

6th August 1935 F. Tuesday

Yesterday and today I put a perch in the fowl house & blocked some of the cracks.

Olive went to the city to buy a stove, bath, copper, sink, etc. She saved £1/16 by going to the Housewives instead of Chandlers in discount.

7th August 1935 F. Wednesday

Surveyors along the right-of-way at the back.

My back is weak from recent exertions.

I went to the meeting. 3 Darvells & Mrs Prentice were the total.

The fire bell rang.

8th August 1935 S. Thursday

Olive took Les [Leslie Hugh WHITTINGHAM] to get his eyes tested, but the optician was away. He has changed his days.

Olive bought me 94 steel nibs for 1/7 & 6 pocket knives @ 6d each & a pair of braces.

Henley’s cherry plums in blossom.

9th August 1935 S. Friday

Steady rain set in

Joy, Don & Les went to the Club at the C. of C.

10th August 1935 S. Saturday

I got a letter from Mrs Frazer. Weather was bad for the Silvan South Anniversary, but the congregation was good.

Mr. Coomb preached. [Mr COOMB]

I went twice to Catherine Avenue.

Les lost the keys to the shed. [Leslie Hugh WHITTINGHAM]

Alice & Law called for 1hour.

11th August 1935 F. The Lord’s Day Sunday

Bro Brown of Ormond presided, and Bro Ross Manning, Commissioner, spoke on Foreign Missionaries. He has been for 3 years 1000 miles up the Congo River. He told a crocodile story etc. The congregation was good.

Bro Manning preached, congregation good.

Leslie was baptised. [Leslie Hugh WHITTINGHAM]

Some rain fell.

12th August 1935 S. Monday

I got a letter from G. H. H. [George Hubert HOLLIS, of South Africa]

Alf B. H. has gone to Kimberley ov-
[Alfred Bowles HOLLIS–b.1912 Nyasaland, George Hubert HOLLIS’s son,]

I got a letter from A. I. H. [Annie Irene HOLLAND (1920-2010)]

13th August 1935 F. Tuesday

I received £2 from Mr Hillcrest £1 of which was for the camellia tree.

Nell [Helen Elizabeth 'Nellie' HOLLIS -b.1926] & Beat [Beatrice May HOLLIS -b.1928] have had the flu.

I put my land in Hill & Co. hands for sale & paid 2/- to advertise it.

I had a talk to Jim Coyne.

I sent my C.B.B. for interest.

I wrote to B .E. H. [Barbara Evelyn HOLLIS] .

Allan [K.A.KNOLL], Ada [HOLLIS KNOLL] .& Barb [KNOLL SHAW] & Fred [SHAW] called.

Olive went to see Dr. Henry Seeley. He says Olive needs the operation, but it cannot come off for two or three weeks & will cost about 30 guineas.

Barb [KNOLL SHAW] & Fred [SHAW] returned to Silvan with Allan [K.A.KNOLL] and Ada [HOLLIS KNOLL].

14th August 1935 S. c. Wednesday

Joyce was home yesterday and today. She is a bit off colour with a cold. D.L.W. is “coughing up a bit.”

Major MONEY [Major Kyle Earle Aubrey MONEY]
is standing for the Lilydale Shire Council against F. W. BRITTON.
[Frederick William BRITTON (1876 –1961]

I went to the m.w. meeting. 5 were present. 3 Darvell & Warne.

There is a lecture at the church of Monday 22/8/35 by Ross Manning.

15th August 1935 R. S.c. Thursday

I planted a second row of white peas.

I raked again for the lost keys, this time in Haysons.

16th August 1935 F. Friday

Olive rang Dr. Seeley. All is O.K.

C.B.A. book returned,

I got posters of Lecture by Ross Manning from M. Sill.

I called on Mrs Blantyre.

Mr & Mrs R. S. called.

17th August 1935 F, Saturday

I walked to Catherine Avenue.

A sprinkle of rain fell.

Don (0) and Les (0) went fishing to the – beyond the light

We treated the fowls for scaly legs.

18th August 1935 F. C. The Lord’s Day Sunday

Bro Bryce presided & Bro Martin exhorted.

Two converts, a boy, and a tall young man came out at the end of Bro Martin’s address on ‘The Lord Jesus Christ and Thou Shalt be Saved’ at night.

19th August 1935 F. Monday

I spoke to Mrs & probably Mr Spear/ Spence ???

Olive’s back was bad. She did not go to the lecture by Ross Manning. He lectured on native life and customs in the Belgian Congo.

The arrow and spear heads & the knives were wonderful. They were made by the village blacksmiths. The head rest (i.e. Pillow) & cloths were interesting. We did not get home until 9.55. The boys were 25 minutes later.

The ants & the elephant flesh stories were good. Altogether we thoroughly enjoyed the lecture. V good. The attendance was good,

I wrote to W.F. [William FRAZER]

20th August 1935 F. Tuesday

I raked a bit of the garden.

Ada has the flu.

Mussolini has rejected the Peace talk ! !

21st August 1935 V.F. Wednesday

Bro Munro died of pneumonia at 7.50 AM.

I went to the mid-week meeting. 7 ½ were present. 3 Dar. Mrs Pr, Mrs Hamm. & Rita, Bro Murphey. Bro Darvell presided.

22nd August 1935 F. Thursday

Barb & Fred came.

I went to the C. of C. at 1.30 PM to Bro Munro’s memorial service. Bro Clay was in charge, also Bro Martin, and a large congregation of relations & church people.

23rd August 1935 V F Friday

Another v fine day.

Fred did not go to school.

Cr. F. W. Britton , 381, v beat Major Money, 300, at Lilydale.

Keith POYNTON * of Silvan was killed 2 weeks ago at Narbethong.

Mrs. Ted White [Annie Mary nee PARKER WHITE (1873–1961)] is due for an operation for a growth in the stomach.

& Mrs Kirkland (her sister) [Elizabeth Emily 'Lizzie' nee PARKER KIRKLAND 1859-1940] has a growth on the liver.

The Silvan Footballers went to Keith Poynton’s* funeral. Bill Thorpe and Fred Rose were overcome when they viewed the corpse.

- * -[ POYNTON, Keith William - b.5 May 1910 Elizabethtown, Tasmania -son of William Thomas / James POYNTON (1883-1929 Tasmania) & Ethel Jane WALSH (1881 Tas - 1978 Maroondah, Vic) of Silvan -- d.1935 Narbethong, Healesville, Vic. @ 25 yr]

24th August 1935 V.F. Saturday

Les & Joy & Fred went to the beach. Ol is not v good today.

The hens are laying better, 7 eggs per day.

Bruce Scotland came walking down the passage to see me.

25th August 1935 V.F. The Lord’s Day Sunday

Bro Martin of Ormond presided & Bro Martin of N.Z. exhorted.

Bro Martin preached at night. One small girl and one tall young woman decided for Christ.

Bill was baptised. [‘Bill’ Ernest William KNOLL b.1924 Burleigh, Silvan South -d.2016 Yarra Junction, Vic.]

A sprinkle of rain fell.

26th August 1935 F. Monday

W. K. motored here and away again soon after dinner.

He fixed the blocked sink pipe.

27th August 1935 F. Tuesday

Beth Forbes called for Olive and took her away to the Hamilton Russell Hospital, Punt Road, Prahran.

Some rain fell in the evening.

Fred Shaw had a bad nose bleed,

28th August 1935 S. Wednesday

I received a letter and cash from Mrs Luckhurst. Ted has had the flu for 3 days.

I went to the mid-week meeting. 6 were present, but no musician.

75 points.

29th August 1935 F. Thursday

I received a letter from A. E. S. He has not left his room for 3 months, heart and lung trouble.

I wrote to G. H. H. [George Hubert HOLLIS, of South Africa]

Olive was to be operated on today at Hamilton Russell House, Punt Road, Prahran.

The fowls are laying well, 10 eggs. They are getting plenty of grass.

My ankle is troubling me – crutches.

A prospective tenant called.

30th August 1935 F. Friday

Robert & Mrs Stubbs called.

Also Mrs Pullman, the poultry lady.

Barb was away at the Hamilton Russell hospital to see Olive. Olive is doing fairly well.

Mrs Stubbs & Jacky called this evening.

31st August 1935 F. Saturday

Barb, Joy, Fred & Les went for a walk. They saw 3 bulls.

Don flew the kite.


1st September 1935 F. Sunday

Some rain fell. Cliff [‘Cliff’ George Clifford SHAW] came.

Bro Darvell presided. Bro Martin exhorted & preached at night. Two little girls Cleels decided for Christ. Three were baptised. The tall girl, the tall young man & the little girl. The congregation was better than usual. The congregation seems to be in the upgrade.

Mr Scotland did not come home.

2nd September 1935 F. Monday

I went to the Endeavour, about 23 were present. The young man from Bonbeach presided. Bro Martin spoke on consecration: “Paul was a slave of Jesus Christ.” Good. I came home before the finish by mistake.

Mr Scotland is away at Wonthaggi.

3rd September 1935 F. Tuesday

Barb departed to see Olive at Hamilton Russell House. Olive is fairly well.

I wrote to Mrs Morris of Enfield.

Don split wood and broke crockery {??}. He is leading in marks. {??}

4th September 1935 F Wednesday

About 10 points of rain fell.

I wrote to Olive.

I went to the w. night meeting. It was a showery evening & a bit windy.

Only 4 were present. 3 were Darvells.

Plum in blossom.

Mrs Catchpole is trying to get curls.

5th September 1935 F Thursday

More rain fell again early this morning.

I cut grass.

6th September 1935 F. R. C. Friday

Barb visited Olive. She is improving. Fred went to the station.

I got a letter from Ol per B. F. S.

Catchpoles are moving into Henleys .

Robert & Mrs Stubbs called.

7th September 1935 F Saturday

Barb took all the children to see Olive.

The sick black hen died.

Mrs Scotland’s baby Bruce has the flu, so she says. All is O.K. for rent,

I am tired today.

8th September 1935 F. F. The Lord’s Day Sunday

A Scotchman presided. Bro. Martin exhorted.

Bro M preached at night on ‘Baptism, baptizings’ etc.

Les and Fred went to sleep.

Cliff came to Chelsea,

Swimming at the jetty.

9th September 1935 Fy F. Monday

W.K. came & took odds and ends back with him.

I got a letter from A. I. H. - [Annie Irene HOLLAND (1920-2010)]

They went to see Olive on Saturday.

Will [KNOLL] took peach trees and rhubarb roots back with him to Silvan.

We have had two successive white frosts.

10th September 1935 F. Tuesday

I walked down to Swan, to Gold, Royal Av. Then back down Embankment Grove (Av.) . I saw Mr. Rodgers.

Barb visited Olive. She is steadily improving.

The children went swimming.

Chelsea Beach Life Saving Club

11th September 1935 F. Wednesday

I wrote to Mrs Hillcrest.

Catchpoles erected their fowl yard & house.

My watch came back from Dunklings’.

There were only 5 at the meeting. 3 were Darvells.

12th September 1935 F. Thursday

I wrote to A. I. H. - [Annie Irene HOLLAND (1920-2010)]

Barb is taking up the linos in preparation for moving.

9 eggs from 12 hens today.

13th September 1935 Friday

Barb went to the city shopping. She also called on Olive who is doing well.

I walked to see Sill but did not see him to speak to, others were waiting too.

I saw Mrs Blantyre. She seems to have Rheumatoid Arthritis.

About 30 points of rain fell.

14th September 1935 F. Saturday

I called on Mrs Scotland for I suppose the last time.

I called on Mark Sill.

I saw Jim Coyne. Mrs Coyne’s brother has died and he left her £5 per week and some property at Beaconsfield.

Barb and the children went to Chelsea in the evening shopping.

15th September 1935 F The Lord’s Day Sunday

Bro Martin exhorted & preached an Anti-War sermon at night.

The two little girl Cleels were baptized.

Cliff came. Chris Skokandich* has bought land opposite Cliff Shaws’.

* SKOKANDICH, Kristo 'Chris' son of Marin & Marija Skokandich b. 13 September 1908 at Žrnovo, Korčula Island, Dalmäcia. Arrived in Australia per ship "ORANA" on the 15th December 1924 at Port Melbourne with his brother Antunov 'Tony & sister-in-law Genoveva SKOKANDICH. Naturalised at Silvan on 2nd January 1931 when working as a Labourer. Died in 1983 at Lilydale @ 74 yrs.

16th September 1935 F. Monday

Barb visited Olive for the last time from Chelsea.

Barb has been busy packing, assisted by Don.

I went to the C. Endeavour. Bro Martin answered g questions, Attendance good for a wet afternoon.

I went to Chelsea last time, (S.W.).

17th September 1935 S Chelsea Tuesday

Allan [KNOLL], Will [KNOLL] & Ada [HOLLIS KNOLL] arrived fairly early.

Will [KNOLL] bumped Allan’s truck on the way down & damaged his radiator.

Allan[KNOLL] loaded on the fowls, the dog and numerous odds and ends & went home with Ada, Joy, Les and Fred. He got away at 3 P.M.

Mrs Darvell called.

The five vanmen called.

More lino was lifted. Barb [KNOLL SHAW] is bust packing.

Ed has gone to live at Hilli’s.

Rain fell during the night.

18th September 1935 F [Moving Day to Burleigh] Wednesday

The furniture van men arrived at 7.50 and it took them until 11.15 to load on and lash on their load.

So high were the goods packed on that one van was unable to go under the Dandenong bridge.

We, W.K. [KNOLL], Barb, Don & I, did not get away from Chelsea until 12.5 PM.

We reached Guthridge’s hollow in about 1 ½ hours, but it took nearly ½ an hour to climb the hill with chains.

The vans were not far behind us, but the heaviest van was unable to take the hill.

The goods had to be transferred to Allan’s truck.

When the lighter van took the hill it got to within about 25 yards of the front door it sank into a deep bog (probably a crab hole), and had to be jacked up out of the crabhole.

(They) the vans did not get away until about 6.20 PM.

Barb put in some great work packing and Don worked well at Chelsea,

The weather turned cold at the Sassafras Creek.

19th September 1935 F Burleigh, Silvan South Thursday

I wrote to Olive.

I saw Ted Hill for the first time for two years.

Cliff called. He has the flu.

I saw Joe FRITH.

I had a bit of a look around. A heavy shower of rain fell this evening.

20th September 1935 S Burleigh Friday

Joe Frith worked ½ a day. Joe talked to me for hours.

Joe TONKIN is dying of cancer in the eye. The Dr give him about five weeks to live.

[Joseph Henry TONKIN -formerley of Wandin South, was Joe Friths's father-in-law. Joe Tonkin was born 24 December 1856 in Bays Water, Onkaparinga, Nairne, South Australia - son of Joseph TONKIN (1831 – 1908) & Elizabeth Jane WEYMOUTH (1834 – 1916). He became a Fresh Produce Commission Agent at Wandin South, afterwards conducting his truck-marketing agency from residences in Balwyn and then Surrey Hills. Joe Tonkin died 10 October 1935 in Hawthorn East, Boroondara district, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia @ 78yrs]

Black TONKIN is dead.

[Joe TONKIN's brother, James Charles 'Black' TONKIN, once a Blacksmith, of Wandin South from about 1886 till 1902, then a Trapper of Kyabram, was Joe Frith's wife's uncle. He was born 5 July 1855 in Inverbrackie, Woodside, Onkaparinga, Nairne, South Australia - son of Joseph TONKIN (1831 – 1908) & Elizabeth Jane WEYMOUTH (1834 – 1916) and died 25 November 1934 in Kyabram, Victoria, Australia @ 81yrs. The latter eight of Black Tonkin's children were born in Wandin South]

I walked to the Cabin and over the hill to the back clearing,

Considerable rain fell this afternoon.

Eric FRITH is learning to be a barber. [Joe Frith's son]

Joyce [WHITTINGHAM] is home in bed sick.

Barb [KNOLL SHAW] and Ada [HOLLIS KNOLL].are unpacking yesterday and today.

Les [WHITTINGHAM] & Fred [SHAW] came home from Alice’s [KNOLL JOHNS].

Thunder storm fell.

21st September 1935 F Burleigh Saturday

Jackie WILKEN called with a note for Allan.

I wrote to G. H. H. [George Hubert HOLLIS, of South Africa]

I paid a flying visit to Mary & to Joe FRITH in the Cabin.

I had a little look around Allan’s farm.

Geo. HOGGS was killed by the limb of a tree. He was working on a sawmill (at Narbethong).

The children are playing at fires. Don [WHITTINGHAM]’s trying to char a stump.

22nd September 1935 Fy F. The Lord’s Day, Burleigh Sunday

Barb and the children went to Sunday School. [held @ South Silvan State School]

An Irishman preached.

Lawrence & Barb motored to the Hamilton Russell House and brought Olive home to Burleigh. They arrived here about 4.30. Barb and Fred went home.

Joe [FRITH] read “Evolution Disproved”.

23rd September 1935 F. Burleigh Monday

A beautiful morning, but a change at mid-day. A little rain fell.

Will [KNOLL] & Les went (drove) to Monbulk.

I had a busy day. V tired.

C. A. K. back is troubling him.

24th September 1935 F Burleigh Tuesday

CRERAR the Bricklayer from Monbulk came and built the wash house chimney and set the copper.

Joe [FRITH] has practically finished the house.

I got a letter from G. H. H. [George Hubert HOLLIS in South Africa]

Bob has started the watch-cleaning & repair work. [Robert ‘Bob’ HOLLIS –b.abt 1914 S.Africa]

25th September 1935 F Burleigh Wednesday

We see Allan almost every day.

Ada’s first clutch of chickens is out, total 6.

I went with Don and Les to set traps. We set 4 and got a rabbit in the morning.

26th September 1935 F Burleigh Thursday

I visited A.C.P. [Albert Charles PARKER]. He is not too grand and has a cough.

W. J. P. was there too. [William John ‘Will’ PARKER, brother of the above].

Annie Parker is no better. [Annie nee PARKER WHITE]

Jack Anderson brought 2 loads of Monbulk metal.

27th September 1935 F Burleigh Friday

The boys got 2 rabbits, total three to date. Les is highly pleased with their success.

Ted HILLI was here working yesterday & today.

J. JOHNS have a new Study Baker car. [Studebaker]. [Mr James ‘Jim’ JOHN or JOHNS 1872-1948]

28th September 1935 F Burleigh Saturday

We have had about nine days of v fine weather.

Ed [Edward Arthur HOLLIS] called carrying Beverly Dawn Hilli (b.30 Jan 1935 Burleigh, Silvan South).

Will lit up some fires on the road and in the paddock.

I got a letter from I. N. H. {???????}

29th September 1935 F The Lord’s Day, Burleigh Sunday

A show of five minutes duration fell at 1.50 AM.

I walked to the Silvan South School this evening for the first time. It took about 25 minutes. The trip seemed longer than I expected. Andy Smyth preached.

The congregation was about 16. Mary & Eileen, Aggie & Ted Hill, Jean & Edith Parker, Grace Mattingley & Rene, Joe & Keith & Mrs Mattingley, Jack Bailey, Tom & Mrs Frazer.

I enjoyed the meeting. I sweated some walking both way.

Mrs Johns called this afternoon. [Mrs Rosamond Jane ‘Rose’ BAILEY JOHNS 1880-1950]

30th September 1935 F Burleigh Monday

Don [WHITTINGHAM, age 11 in November] took a contract to cut scrub for 6/-.

H. H. P. [Cr. Harold Hampton PARKER] came & did some plumbing, etc.

I had a little talk to him. He gave a far better confession of faith than I expected. He says he has faith in Christ as his own personal Saviour.

Allan [Karl Allan KNOLL] and Harold [Cr. Harold Hampton PARKER] did some soldering on Will’s [Wilhelm KNOLL] damaged radiator.

Allan [Karl Allan KNOLL] motored Harold [Cr. Harold Hampton PARKER] home in a Ford. He took Olive [KNOLL WHITTINGHAM] with him to see Mrs Parker. [Jeanie nee KIRKLAND PARKER]


Will & Ada Knoll with their grandchildren in 1935 at the new house at 'Hilltop' Wiseman Road, Burleigh, Silvan South. From left: Jack Knoll, Ron Knoll, Les Whittingham, Bernie Johns (baby), Don Whittingham, Mr Will Knoll, Valerie Johns (with doll), Joyce 'Joy' Whittingham, Bill Knoll, Mrs Ada Hollis Knoll, Harold Knoll, Eily Knoll, Fred Shaw.

The new Knoll house at 'Hilltop' on Kerr's Hill, Wiseman Road, Burleigh was built on land that Wilhelm Knoll bought along with several other lots in 1909 as a benefit from his work for the Wiseman Brother's Trust. This land had largely remained as bush, with two clearings made from it, one on a southern slope halfway down to the Stony Creek at the back boundary, and the other across the hilltop to the frontage with Wiseman Road where the new house was built.

The original selector of the 1870s, Joseph Kerr, had cleared here and lived with his family on this hilltop, and in 1935 the clearing then included the original structure of the Kerr's old log and slab 'Cabin'. It was here that the builder Joe Frith of Silvan, and his man lived while building the Knoll house. This 'Cabin' is mentioned by Alfred Hollis.

This property was next door to the two farm lots taken over by his eldest son, Karl Allan Knoll, when he married Mary Estella Chapman at Silvan on the 23 August 1922. Allan & Mary Knoll and their large family lived right next door, with their 1922-built house southeast along the ridge of the hill, set back from Wiseman Road, but only a few hundred yards between them across the headlands of the paddocks. So the Knoll grand children had an enlarged backyard with extended family.

In fact, shortly after this, Olive Knoll Whittingham, having divorced her estranged husband, 'Dick' Dare Lorimer Whittingham in 1936, re-married that year to Horace Richard Laurence 'Smiler' Brown (1910 – 1970) -of whom mention is made below- and Will Knoll assisted Olive's family by providing them a new house on the next farm allotment to the west. Again this house was built on the crown of the ridge on the western slope of Kerr's hill. As Knolls spread east and west across the hill, so Knoll children and grandchildren then lived on either side of Will & Ada Knoll.

Also, close by were the Cliff & Barbara Shaw' family, who lived in Knoll's Lane, as well as the Alice & Laurence Johns' family who then lived at "Orange Grove" in Hollis Road, Burleigh.

The 1935 Knoll house still stands in 2013. As does Olive's 1936 house next door.


1st October 1935 F Burleigh Tuesday

Mr Luckhurst called.

I visited Mary for ¼ hour.

Joe and Cyril [FRITH] commenced the painting. Joe bought me the book by Josephus, the Jewish historian

A hottish day for the time of year.

Ada visited Alice.

W.K. is fencing from the road in toward the house.

2nd October 1935 F Burleigh Wednesday

A little rain fell.

Ted [Edvard Jakob ‘Ted’ HILLI 1902-1956] was here working. He cut my hair.

Stray cattle are troubling us. Rex chased them.

Olive went with the baker (Les OLIVER*) to visit Alice.

Fred [SHAW] and Les [WHITTINGHAM] are sent home from school. They have chicken pox. Nearly well now. Fred has been a sight.

*['Les' Richard Leslie Rankin OLIVER, Baker working with his Bakery-Store-keeper father in Lilydale -b.13 Feb 1898 Outtrim, South Gippsland. son of Richard OLIVER (1869-1944) & Edith Bertha TAFFS (a daughter of Faith CLEGG). Les Oliver married in 1922 to Alice Mabel GOWLING of Wandin. He died in 1983 Boronia, Vic. ]

3rd October 1935 Fy F Burleigh Thursday

A light frost and a light shower toward evening.

Madge Beurle [Margaret Louisa BEURLE 1878-1973] has been left £ 3000 by Mr. THOMPSITT [her Grandmother’s kinsman?]. She is going to America to study deeper into Christian Science.

Mr Smith [W. T. SMITH of Monbulk], Mr Dennis’[Henry Charles DENNIS of Monbulk] friend, has been left £ 4000 by his boss.

Will Parker, the baker,* is 70 years of age. He is running a lending library.

I got my back and chest reddened.

[* Will Parker the Baker. This is William James 'Will' PARKER b.2 Sept 1865 Widford, Herts, Eng. -son of James 'Jim' PARKER (1834–1910) & Martha LETCH (1835–1902) of Widford, Herts. & later South Wandin Yallock (Silvan) - - Emigrated on the ship "Port Jackson" to arrive Melbourne January 1884. (m.Vic.1888 Mary Jane THOMAS) - AT least Five (5) Children -Sometime RESIDENT OF Seville, Wandin Yallock - Residence 1919 @ 268 Sydney Road, Coburg Occupation: BAKER - d.6 July 1936 Coburg, Vic. - -BURIED: 7 Jul 1936 Fawkner Cemetery; Church Of Christ -Burial.

4th October 1935 S Burleigh Friday

A. C. Parker visited us. He seems better.

Will (KNOLL age 65) is splitting posts.

The Ethiopian War has started.

I wrote to Rene Holland [ ??????????]

S.S.S.S. turn out at Silvan South school.

Rain fell before morning.

5th October 1935 F Burleigh S Saturday

Ed called for some hours. [Edward Arthur HOLLIS- Alf’s brother]

Don & Les [WHITTINGHAM] cut turnips, tops off, and out.

Barb called, also Fred.

And Allan. [Karl Allan KNOLL] Children are often here. [Eileen KNOLL 11, Bill KNOLL 10, Ron KNOLL 9, Jack KNOLL 5, Harold KNOLL 4]

Mack Hollis called and paid the rent. [Henry Warneford 'Mac' HOLLIS 16, Ed’s son, Alf’s nephew]

Les planted some garden seed yesterday. Beetroot, potatoes, etc.

6th October 1935 F The Lord’s Day, Burleigh Sunday

Ada, Will & I walked to church. [@ Silvan South State School]. Rev. Osborne of Lilydale preached.

R. Wilken, Mr Frazer, Mrs Parker, Jack Bailey, Allan (Knoll), Barb (Shaw)
[Mr Reuben Charles Herbert WILKEN 1894-1972]; [Mr William Couser FRAZER]; [Mrs Janie MARTIN PARKER]; [John F.‘Jack’ BAILEY 1878-1957]; [Karl Allan KNOLL 1898-1981]; [Mrs Barbara Florence KNOLL SHAW 1907-1991].
Beat., Nell & Eve Hollis & many other children were present.
[‘Eve’ Barbara Evelyn HOLLIS 11]; ['Nellie' Helen Elizabeth HOLLIS 9] ; [Beatrice May ‘Beat’ HOLLIS 7].

We got a lift home to Burleigh P.O.

Chas and Kittie called this afternoon. Also Alice, Law & Valerie.

& Cyril Frith.

7th October 1935 F Burleigh Monday

I wrote to Sydney.

Fred [SHAW] & Les [WHITTINGHAM] are still home from school with sores.

Joe & Cyril [FRITH] are putting in the putty, assisted by Les.

They have commenced the second coat of paint.

Stray cows are still coming in.

I was v tired last night.

8th October 1935 F Burleigh Tuesday

Ada visited Alice for the day.

The stray cattle still visit us.

Joe & Cyril went to Silvan last night, and again tonight. They have a job in view.

Spencer is selling his old P.O.

The Silvan P.O. has moved to W. W. Bradley former residence.

9th October 1935 F Burleigh Wednesday

Ted Hilli worked for Will.

Joe & Cyril are pushing on with the painting.

A.C.P called.

I wrote to G. H. H. [George Hubert HOLLIS, of South Africa]

10th October 1935 W Burleigh Thursday

The fox came and killed 14 of Allan’s fowls, but could not take them away, owing to the hole being too small. He missed the sitting hens and their chickens.

Steady rain fell last night and continued most of the day.

Cyril had a bilious attack.

11th October 1935 W Burleigh Friday

Ted Hilli came to work, but was driven home by the rain.

I visited Mary [Estella Mary CHAPMAN KNOLL, wife of Allan].

And had a talk to Norman for the first time. [Norm RUDD]

Olive [KNOLL WHITTINGHAM] visited Alice. Law [Lawrence Arnold JOHNS] planted passions at Baxter.

12th October 1935 S Burleigh Saturday

2 ¼ inches of rain has fallen by 8 A.M. today.

Will and Ted are fencing.

L.A.J. got stuck in the mud near our gate this morning. [Lawrence Arnold JOHNS]

The fox took Raynor Rae’s (5) fowls. [Reino RAE - aka Reino PISPALARAE - a Finnish-Australian farmer, neighbour and friend of Ted Hilli].

I got a letter from A. I. H. - [Annie Irene HOLLAND (1920-2010)]

Olive got one from I. N. H. - [Ida Norma HOLLAND (1920-2010)]

13th October 1935 F. The Lord’s Day, Burleigh Sunday

Cliff & Fred called in the car and took Olive & children to see Barb.

Mrs. H. H. P called. - H. H. P has had seed peas stolen.

The stray cattle broke in again. Will tried to repair the fence.

I am reading an Oxford Group Movement pamphlet.

Mrs Thompson and Faye called. .

Will & I walked to the SSSS (for church).

Mr Matthieson preached on Genesis Chapter 1.

14th October 1935 F Burleigh Monday

Joe Frith is painting by himself.

I got water rates notice.

The stray heifer was in again.

15th October 1935 F Burleigh Tuesday

Joe and Cyril [FRITH] worked hard to finish the painting.

16th October 1935 F Burleigh Wednesday

Don [WHITTINGHAM] caught a porcupine.

Will motored Joe & Cyril [FRITH] to Silvan with their kit.

I set one trap.

I got a letter from G. H. H. [George Hubert HOLLIS, of South Africa]

17th October 1935 F Burleigh Thursday

Ted Luckhurst came here to plow for H. H. P. [ Harold Hampton PARKER ]

A. C. P. called. [Albert Charles PARKER]

Bert Wiseman is dead. [Albert Thomas 'Bert' WISEMAN 1869-1935, son of Albert WISEMAN & Hannah PARKER]

Harriet Wiseman [ Harriet nee PARKER WISEMAN] has Rheumatiod Arthritis and is walking on crutches.

Anne WHITE is better. [ Annie nee PARKER WHITE ]

J. H. H. was at Silvan South last Sunday. [Joseph Henry HUNTER, married to Edi PARKER ]

Ada killed a snake at Allan’s dam.

Jim Parker is planting early Carman potatoes (1 ton). [James Albert PARKER]

Frank Chapman has been away, and has motored 3000 miles.

The Chapman farm is in rather bad order, Albert says ! ! [Albert Charles PARKER]

18th October 1935 F Burleigh Friday

Ted Luckhurst did some more plowing.

I got a letter from Reg. Wadham re Coyne.

Ada has one bantam chicken and 4 other eggs (2 are black and white cross) hatched by a bantam hen at Allan’s.

I wrote to Reg. Wadham.


19th October 1935 F Burleigh Saturday

Ada has another hen which has hatched 9 chickens.

Will prepared more ground near the house for Lucky to plow on Monday.

Fred Shaw & Jackie Constantine called.

A small thunder-storm came up this evening.

Last night Allan, Ol, Don & Les [WHITTINGHAM] & Barb went to the Croydon market.

Joyce [WHITTINGHAM] went to a lantern lecture at Silvan.

20th October 1935 S The Lord’s Day, Burleigh Sunday

We went to the SSSS church by car. Mr Matthieson preached for the second time.

He is a big bit of a New Theology preacher. I do not like his preaching at all.

About 30 points of rain fell last night.

& I got my rent from Mrs Hillcrest through Allan.

Gordon Brown has had cream stolen just recently.

21st October 1935 Burleigh Monday

A little rain fell.

Ada, Alice & V. & Lawrence called. Ada has been away, and has gone back again with Alice. [ who had just a baby ]

I had a tired small of the back.

Don [WHITTINGHAM] has taken a trial of working with his Grandpa. [Wilhelm KNOLL]

22nd October 1935 F Burleigh Tuesday

The weather was cold and few light showers.

Alice has a son. Bernard Lawrence [JOHNS]. Born this morning.

Mrs Jope is dead. Age 91 years 9 months.
[Mrs Mary Ann nee RHODES JOPE -b.abt 1844 -dghtr of John RHODES & Lucy Ann WARD –Wife of Mr Richard Edwards JOPE, former Headmaster & teacher at South Wandin,1890s, also settler off Queens Rd, South Wandin / Silvan. She was also teacher & sewing mistress [Teacher Registration No. 1502] - d.1935 Surrey Hills @ 91yrs]

Mr & Mrs Barker (who live near O’Neills) baby got badly scolded on Friday, and she is still lingering. There is a forlorn hope that she will survive.

I visited A. C. P. [Albert Charles PARKER]

I wrote to A. I. H. [Annie Irene HOLLAND (1920-2010)]

Cliff Shaw [George Clifford SHAW] is Captain of the [Silvan] B Cricket team.

C.A.K. [Charles Arthur KNOLL b.1900], Colin Bradley [C Colin BRADLEY], H.W.H. [Henry Warneford 'Mac' HOLLIS -b.1919] play on it.

23rd October 1935 F Burleigh Wednesday

Ted Lucky [LUCKHURST] did some more plowing.

H B Smith called [Harold Belgrave SMITH]. He is looking thinner than when I last saw him.

Olive [KNOLL WHITTINGHAM] visited Alice.

Chris Skokandich paid £ 18 per acres for his land off Sir.William Est {??????} / Or Mr Williams n {????????}

24th October 1935 Burleigh Thursday

More sprinkles of rain fell. There has been six days of rain throughout the State, but not much has fallen at Silvan.

Chas Knoll sent away a few punnets of straws (strawberries).

Ada returned home for a day with Valerie.

Ted Lucky [LUCKHURST] plowed & harrowed.

Allan took his motor-engine away.

Les [WHITTINGHAM] lost his spectacles. Don & Joy [WHITTINGHAM] were sent to look for them. Fred Milton found them.

25th October 1935 F Burleigh Friday

Mr Lucky [LUCKHURST] paid me £2. He is doing some more plowing and harrowing. He finished up at noon.

Will [KNOLL] and Allan [KNOLL] motored to Lilydale.

Will planted his grass seed today, on the grass paddock to be. He planted oats there yesterday.

Allan [K.A.KNOLL], Ol [KNOLL WHITTINGHAM] & Don [WHITTINGHAM] went to the Croydon Market.

Allan’s new man, Howard Taylor, is leaving to go to work for Readpath @ £2.10 per week and keep.

I got a letter from C. H. H. recently. {?????????????}

26th October 1935 VF Burleigh Saturday

I rose early at 5.45 and treated the fowls legs with Hansen’s preparation for scaly legs – viz, equal parts kero., water & phinole/ phenyl. The fowls seem sore, as if it is too strong.

I got a cheque from Sill.

Will made wooden gates.

Barb and Fred called.

Ada is away at Alice’s.

27th October 1935 F The Lord’s Day, Burleigh Sunday

Will and Albert Parker called. This is about the first time I have met him.

W.K. was away at Alice’s.

Mrs. Beurle is dead. Aged 94 years.
[Mrs Annie nee IZETT BEURLE -b.5 Dec 1840 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland - dghter of Andrew IZETT & Ann RODGERS –(m. St Edmunds Church, Prahran 5 Dec 1863 to Carl ‘Charles’ BEURLE - pioneers of Burleigh & South Wandin - Silvan. Mother of Madge BEURLE, mentioned earlier in the year. -d.23 Oct 1935 @ 17 Cressy St, Malvern, Vic.]

I met Mrs C. Roberts. I think she is minding the Hilli children lives in Monbulk road.

I also saw Raynor Rae. [Reino RAE - aka Reino PISPALA-RAE].

I met Mr Hood, Rate collector here.

I left here at 2 PM and got back at 4.15. Olive went to visit Alice

I went to church [ at SSSS ]. Andy Smyth preached.

It was a hottish night. I sweated like a bull when I got home at 9.15.

Ted Hill has sent 25 punnets (strawberries).

28th October 1935 F Burleigh Monday

I hoed half a row of straws.

A light shower came along.

I wrote to G. H. H. [George Hubert HOLLIS, of South Africa]

29th October 1935 F Burleigh Tuesday

I wrote to State River Com. 53/40 – re g better water / Reg letter water {??????}

Will brought the tank down from the Cabin and put it up at the shed.

I got a letter from A. I. H. [Annie Irene HOLLAND (1920-2010)] - Ol got one too & one from Mrs Stubbs.

30th October 1935 F Burleigh Wednesday

I visited Ted Hilli. He has picked 25 – 105 – 162 punnets to date. His straws & rasps look well.

I met Mrs C. Roberts. I think she is minding the Hilli children lives in Monbulk road.

I also saw Raynor Rae.

I met Mr Hood, Rate collector here.

I left here at 2 PM and got back at 4.15. Olive went to visit Alice

31st October 1935 F Burleigh Thursday

Ada came home bringing Valerie with her. Bernard seems to be always hungry.

Will and Don [WHITTINGHAM] went to H. H. Parker’s for a cow that had formerly been Bill Lowry’s. [‘Bill’ William LOWRIE] The cow grazed for perhaps half an hour, then jumped the fence into Allan’s, the it jumped out of Allan’s on to the road, and off home.

She was back home before dinner. Will went by car to report the loss.

The 12 hen laid 260 eggs for the month of October.

Allan is building a picker house.

H. H. P. brought back the cow at night.


1st November 1935 F H Burleigh Friday

Olive [KNOLL WHITTINGHAM] picked 60 punnets (of strawberries) for Allan.

Ol, Barb and others went with Allan to the Croydon Market.

A little rain fell before morning.

2nd November 1935 Burleigh Saturday

Threatening weather.

H. Parker cow is tethered, she is settling down.

Another hen has gone broody. Ol will set her in a day or two.

I was tired. My eyes are weak.

3rd November 1935 F The Lord’s Day, Burleigh Sunday

Will, Ada, Ol & self went to church by car. [SSSS] Mr. Mathieson preached his third address on Genesis.

I wrote to J. F. and to P. Bird .

Barb, Fred & Cliff came to tea.

About 20 points of rain fell before morning.

4th November 1935 F Burleigh Monday

Olive packed for Allan.

The last broody hen would not be moved.

Don [WHITTINGHAM] does a little straw weeding after he comes home from school.

My general health was not up to the mark today.

5th November 1935 F Burleigh Tuesday

Cup Day.

Will and I are hoeing straw[berries].
Ada is away at Alices’.

Chas called. He says the British Queen straw[berries] are no good. Too small.

6th November 1935 F Burleigh Wednesday

A. C. P. called.

Allan, Norman, Howard Taylor, ran over (ie. Picked) our straw[berries].

My right toe is paining v severely. I have decided it is gout !

I wrote to A. I. H. [Annie Irene HOLLAND (1920-2010)]

Will & (Don [WHITTINGHAM]) are working at top-pressure on the straw[berry] hoeing.

Allan took his str [strawberries] to the Victoria Market.

7th November 1935 F Burleigh Thursday

My toe is so bad that I was forced to resign the fowls. The bantam chicken is (gone) lost.

Olive landed home with another pet, a young magpie.

I took another 3 aspro’s and seated freely, then I got a good night rest.

8th November 1935 S Burleigh Friday

My toes are 30 % improved, but I will need to be careful for days, when the foot is slightly better.

I will need to fall back on Golcryss or Schumann’s Salts, or Kruschen Salts. I stopped in bed all day.

Steady light rain fell in the afternoon.

Howard Taylor is leaving Allan for a saw milling job.

9th November 1935 F Burleigh Saturday

Allan got me some oranges in the market.

Straw[berry]s sold at about 10d lb.

My foot is slightly better.

Will has finished hoeing the straw[berries[ and spent most of the day digging holes for passion plants.

Les and Don [WHITTINGHAM] are planting seed for their garden. Don potatoes, pumpkins & lettuce.

10th November 1935 F The Lord’s Day, Burleigh Sunday

Ed., Alice, Law., Valerie called; also a fruit picker.

Em sent me 2 weeks rent through Allan.

Barb called for a ½ a minute on me. She has had cramp in the big toe today. My toe is about the same.

The wilt or disease of some sort is in Wilken’s straw[berry]s.

Lawrence is in need of a permanent man.

Allan’s lady picker, Mrs Ensell, arrived.

11th November 1935 F Burleigh Monday

There is a bit of a rush at the strawberries this morning. Don picked all day, about 74 punnets. Joyce[WHITTINGHAM] 21, before school.

Aggie sent me a punnet of extra good straw[berry]s.

Food for the magpie is scarce.

Chas Hollis is working for Allan. [Ed’s son Charlie, Charles Suckling HOLLIS 1915-2004]

12th November 1935 F. Burleigh Tuesday

Joyce [WHITTINGHAM] sits for her Merit Exam this week.

Rabbits are scarce.

Strawberries are down to about 6 ½. There is a glut in the market, and J. Mitchell could not dispose of his stocks @ 6d. [James Milne ‘Jim’ MITCHELL, Commission Agent. Wandin East & Vic. Market]

The passion plants were brought from Jack Bailey’s this morning, and the planting is going on this evening.

Ada also bought 6 fowls from Kittie.

A thunder shower of about 10 points fell this evening.

I got Coyne’s deeds from R. Wadham.

13th November 1935 F Burleigh Wednesday

Don & Les [WHITTINGHAM] rose early and picked 55 punn before breakfast.

Joyce and Les [WHITTINGHAM] came home because Mr. Bere is too sick to teach.

Ada brought me a sample of Allan’s “Queen” str[awberries]. They are good without being special.

The little girl Ensall (1yr 9 mnths) came with her (mother).

Will planted all his passion plants. Les assisted him with water.

Charlie Hollis called on me. He is smoking now.

Another 10 points of rain fell.

14th November 1935 F Burleigh Thursday

The [WHITTINGHAM] children went to school, but there was no teacher.

Joyce [WHITTINGHAM] went to Alice’s.

I sent to Blennerhassett for gout medicine.

A. C. P. called. Joe [PARKER] is getting 8d for str[awberries] - ! ?

“Porgy” flew his kite. [Ronald Stanley ‘Porgy’ KNOLL, 9]

Joe Hunter is no better.

Dan Coakley has been in the district this week, again, as he was two weeks ago.

13 chickens hatched.

15th November 1935 S Burleigh Friday

A cool cold change blew up during the night. We have had a little but little hot weather this spring. About ¼ inch of rain fell in two days, including some hail.

Joyce sat for her Merit Cer[tificate] and she thinks she has got it for certain. Hilda Parker, Allan Thompson & Evan Johns tried too. Hilda was second.

Miss H[ilda] Johns and the teacher from Wandin East were present. Mr Bere is still in hospital.

My foot is improving slowly.

Mum Campbell had her 80th birthday recently. She celebrated by doing a bit of plowing.

[Annie Richardson McPherson nee SHANNON CAMPBELL -@ Sth Wandin 1914. - b.abt 1855 Collingwood - dgtr of Thomas SHANNON & Margaret McPHERSON (married to ‘Ted’ Edward George CAMPBELL- d.1951 Lilydale @ 96yrs]

I wrote to Jim Coyne. I wrote to Gisborne Shire.

16th November 1935 R. c. Burleigh Saturday

A rough cold showery night. I think some hail fell.

I got a bottle of Blennerhassett ‘gout cute”.

“Porgy” flew his kite again. Ronald Stanley ‘Porgy’ KNOLL, 9]

I wrote to H. E. W.

Straws sold.

Will planted some maize, etc.

Will bought potato seed. Carman No.111.

I can now put my foot to the ground. The toe is still sore.

17th November 1935 F The Lord’s Day, Burleigh Sunday

About 15 points of rain fell early.

Bill EVANS called to see Allan, and he bought 1 ½ tons of rasp[berry]s @ 3 ½ per lb. Old Bill is looking well for his years.

Br & Fred called.

Mt rheumatism is troubling me.

18th November 1935 F Burleigh Monday

No school yet.

Olive [KNOLL WHITTINGHAM] went to town to see Dr Seeley. She went with Allan [going to market].

Geo. Robinson (& Ruby’s) son Cyril was caught at Chapman’s and handed over to the police for stealing potatoes.

The strawberry glut should soon be here.

19th November 1935 F Burleigh Tuesday

Allan was home early (from the Vic Market)

Will and the boys [Don & Les WHITTINGHAM] planted Carman potatoes and maize with Allan’s horse.

The boys had half a day off (from fruit picking).

Olive [KNOLL WHITTINGHAM] returned home at about 7 PM

I am reading Josephus.

20th November 1935 F Burleigh Wednesday

Mrs Luckhurst called and paid £ 2 [rent].

The relieving teacher opened the school. Les went.

I am using a reading glass with my spectacles with success.

The cow has to be kept on a rope still. She got loose and got into Allans.

21st November 1935 H Burleigh Thursday

Don [WHITTINGHAM], Joy [WHITTINGHAM] & Les [WHITTINGHAM] went to school.

It was a slack day on the picking.

I wrote to Blennerhassett for more medicine.

I got a reply from Jim Coyne. No business.

22nd November 1935 S Burleigh Friday

Allan’s men have his fruit well picked up. Norman is hoeing part of the time.

I got a letter from A. E. S. {????????}

23rd November 1935 F Burleigh Saturday

Mr Frazer called for a few minutes. He is collecting for the British & Foreign Bible Society.

The Black Spot is bad in Tom’[FRAZER]s straw[berry]s, and is in his too. He is getting 7d for a .. gr.

The day was cool and cloudy.

I got bottles of medicine from Blennerhassett !

24th November 1935 F The Lord’s Day, Burleigh Sunday

A.C.Parker called and told me a prescription for rheumatism.

The straw crop is likely to be much lighter than was at first expected.

Tin / Jim McDonald is still in hospital with a cold in his kidneys.

Alice, Law, Val, & Bernard, came to dinner. Mrs Johns came later.

25th November 1935 F H Burleigh Monday

Ted Luckhurst came to see me. The grazers that are in Holllis’s have broken through into his place and eaten down his cauliflowers and cabbages…etc.
I wrote to Mrs. Hillcrest about it.

Joyce [WHITTINGHAM] is away at Alices’.

Allan and his men were busy. Ol [KNOLL WHITTINGHAM]] worked late.

26th November 1935 F H 98° Burleigh Tuesday

My toe is not making much progress towards recovery.

Bert WARING & Cliff SHAW and Tom FRAZER have the disease bad in their straws.

Lawrence motored to Lilydale, taking Ol [KNOLL WHITTINGHAM], W.K., & Ada. They got me Schumann Salts, Kruschen Salts, Aspro’s.

The hottest day of the season.

I wrote to G. H. H. [George Hubert HOLLIS, of South Africa]

27th November 1935 F S Burleigh Wednesday

My back is stiff. The rheumatism is shifting.

Chapman’s have only 35 men. That is ¼ their usual compliment.

There are a lot of rotten fruit in Allan’s crop.

A small thunder storm fell in the evening.

28th November 1935 F Burleigh Thursday

Allan’s cow broke in here, twice.

The market for straws is better.

Don [D.L.WHITTINGHAM] went to school.

29th November 1935 F Burleigh Friday

A nice day. Don [WHITTINGHAM] is home again.

I wrote to A. I. H. [Annie Irene HOLLAND (1920-2010)]

Lawrence has had his throat treated 3 times. One more trip in a week’s time and he expects to be cured.

Joy [WHITTINGHAM] called with A, L, V, & Bernie [JOHNS].

30th November 1935 Burleigh Saturday

The strawberry market is firming. 1sts @ 10 d. 2nd s @ 7d .

Grandpa Whittingham called. [James “Jim” WHITTINGHAM]. He walked from Silvan Cricket ground. He is fit and well and is only slightly troubled by his legs. They are living at Lockwood.

Don [WHITTINGHAM] and Les [WHITTINGHAM] got into trouble for walking in the creek.


1st December 1935 H The Lord’s Day, Burleigh Sunday

All hands except me went to Church. They were home late.

Bob Parker fainted & had to be taken home.

The collection was £7.12 for two services.

Chas Knoll called. His str[awberry] crop, also Ted Hill’s –Cliff Shaw’s- very disappointing.

Cliff Shaw’s crop is in the glut now. He is late. (His crop is late)

Barb called.

Allan motored here in his newly purchased motor car – from Bert Matthews, for £5.

Mrs Rowse is dead. - [ Margaret nee HADLOW ROWSE -b.1863 Wimmera, Vic. - daughter of Warragul Funeral Director, Joseph HADLOW & Jane RANKIN - (m.1892 2nd wife of William Giles ROWSE,formerly of Warragul, & bulb grower of ‘Harmony Vale, Olinda Creek) ~ d.1935 Lilydale @ 72yrs]

2nd December 1925 S Burleigh Monday

A heavy thunderstorm and about 7/8 of rain came along.

I had a restless night last night. Back troubles. I had to take 5 aspiros.

There was a drunken brawl at the Silvan Hall on Saturday night. The police were sent for. Cliff Shaw & Jim Parker went to the rescue of Syd Bradley.

One fruit picker got concussion. Charlie Ivan from Chelsea was there.

A.C. Parker called. His nephew “mother Annie” son, is just dead. He leaves three children.

H. Robinson made 25 runs for S.B.

Ted Parker snr is weak. I should think he was nearing his end.

[‘Ted’ Edward PARKER b.30 Jan 1870 Widford, Hertfordshire, Eng. -son of James 'Jim' PARKER (1834–1910) & Martha LETCH (1835–1902) of Widford & later South Wandin Yallock - Emigrated on the ship "Port Jackson" d.1937 East St Kilda]

3rd December 1935 S Burleigh Tuesday

Another light shower fell.

I inspected Allan’s Ford car. It has nearly new tyres!

Straws picked after yesterdays rain brought 5d. others 8d. I think.

Mr back is better, but not A1 & my toe is not to clever.

I have ceased taking my medicine for a day.

I am reading “Cleansed by Blood and Washed by Water”

The Rev. J. K. Matthieson called and had a little talk on Buchananism…etc.

4th December 1935 S Burleigh Wednesday

My back is almost free of pain this morning if I keep still.

“The pepper box” was slaughtered yesterday.

A sharp shower of about 4 minutes fell at about 2.56 PM.

Ada visited Barb. They have a few good str[awberry]s, but mostly they are very small.

They have perhaps 100 lbs of Logans ripe. Their logans look well, but their rasps have small tops and not the usual number of laterals.

Allan has 21 lb of logans ripe and 1 lb of rasps. Also straws.

I have flatulence this evening.

W.K. is fixing his drain pipes under the road.

5th December 1935 F Burleigh Thursday

Olive visited H. H. Parker and bought the cow for £8, she formerly Bill Lowry’s.

W. K. [Wilhelm KNOLL] went to Lilydale and got the brakes of his car seen to.

A.C.P. [Albert Charles PARKER] & H. H. P. [Harold Hampton PARKER] short of pickers.

6th December 1935 F Burleigh Friday

I had a good night and feel better this morning.

W[ill KNOLL] & Les went to put metal on the hill (Kerr’s) leading from the main road to our front gate. [Named for the 1st selector on that hill, Joseph KERR 1843-1901 who built ‘The Cabin’]

Strawberries from Olinda are expected to come on the market about now.

The wilt does not seem to be bad at Monbulk or Olinda yet.

7th December 1935 F H Burleigh Saturday

Joyce & Ada went with Alice & L. to Elsternwick. [& to see Gertie Suckling Forbes]

Lawrence went for his last electrical treatment for his tonsils.

They called on Gertie [SUCKLING FORBES] and Beth [FORBES] at Narong Road, Caulfield. Gertie is no better.

Lawrence’s new man, the Albanian, is a great success so far. He is a good worker.

Will planted peas.

A hot day, but clouds at times.

Mrs Hillcrest sent me £? 22/-

My back is better, but my big tow is not right by a long way.

8th December 1935 F The Lord’s Day, Burleigh Sunday

94°(city). The fox apparently made a grab for the hen with the 13 chickens. He got a lot of feathers, but the hen escaped unhurt. Will was nearby and interrupted him, but saw the fox.

T. BLAKE and Doreen BAILEY were married yesterday.

Will’s weight is about 9 stone, 7 lbs.

Allan called. The straw[berry] disease is spreading fast. Chapman’s have only about 2 ½ acres of good straws out of 50 acres.

I wrote to Dr. Francis .

9th December 1935 - F H 98° Burleigh Monday

I wrote to A. I. H. for a Leader. I got a letter from A. I. H. after I had written. [Annie Irene HOLLAND (1920-2010)]

Olive got one from Ida too.

In the middle of my dinner I got an attack of indigestion which hung on to me until after 4/ 7.30 PM. I tried carbonate of soda without much relief.

Rene Holland has the toothache.

Don, Eileen & Bill are picking rasp[berry]s @ 2d per punnet after school.

10th December 1935 F Burleigh Tuesday

Another hot day. I am quite well of flatulence. My toe has been bad for 2 days, is somewhat better, but is still swollen.

I am on a no-meat diet, but am eating rhubarb !

A sprinkle of rain fell early in the evening, and a short storm abt 20 minutes after midnight.

11th December 1935 S Burleigh Wednesday

Mary went to Melbourne shopping.

A heavy shower of 10 minutes duration fell at 9.50 AM. Other showers fell also.

Olive was at Allan’s during his and Mary’s absence.

Olive went to Richmond with Allan.

I got The Leader and a letter from A. I. H. - [Annie Irene HOLLAND (1920-2010)]

Joyce and Valerie called.

Will is building the wood shed.

12th December 1935 F Burleigh Thursday

A cool day.

Olive was away all day shopping in the City.

Rex got caught in a rabbit trap.

I read Josephus.

A policeman (or detective) came to school and took Eve Hollis away to give evidence.

[‘Eve’ Barbara Evelyn HOLLIS b.1924]

13th December 1935 F Burleigh Friday

Don [WHITTINGHAM] home sick – perhaps a bilious attack.

Don & Les [WHITTINGHAM] combined have a new Cricket bat – made in India.

A.C.Parker called. He is slightly better.

Jim Parker has not been well for a week or more. Mrs thinks it is the mumps. He is somewhat better.

Will [KNOLL] & the [WHITTINGHAM] boys planted the last lot of peas.

14th December 1935 F Burleigh Saturday

The last clutch of chickens is out [on the 14th].

I got a letter from Sill with a cheque for 5 weeks. Scotland’s would like a new wood stove. The Fire Insurance is due on 20 Catherine Avenue.

Joyce’s Merit Certificate is to hand. Also her Sunday School exam.

Merit Certificate 90% marks.

Les got a Certificate with 67% marks

15th December 1935 F The Lord’s Day, Burleigh Sunday

Last night was cool and we are having a pleasant cool breeze today.

Will [KNOLL] & [WHITTINGHAM] children went to Church.

Alice, L., V & Bernie called.

Also later, Mary [CHAPMAN KNOLL].

The [KNOLL & WHITTINGHAM] children played cricket.

16th December 1935 V F Burleigh Monday

Don [WHITTINGHAM] has a job picking the big second-crop Melbas [strawberry] which are worth about 1/3 per lb.

Allan [KNOLL] has got [sale price] that through Frank [CHAPMAN] recently.

Yesterday Eileen [KNOLL] & Joyce [WHITTINGHAM] were skylarking and Rex hopped in and gave Eileen a rather nasty nip.

Mack Hollis and Cyril Mann have gone to Ardmona.

The rasp[berry]s are coming in freely & worth 4 d. & 3 ½ d. at the factories.

Don [WHITTINGHAM] earned 5/- and went to Victoria Market will Allan. [KNOLL]

The best str[awberry]s are 1/- for big fruit.

Peas are £ 2.

17th December 1935 F. H. Burleigh Tuesday

97° I wrote to Ted Hilli. He came up at night and paid me £ 7. 1. 5.

Les [WHITTINGHAM] went to school, last day for the year.

Ol [KNOLL WHITTINGHAM] phone to Dr. Francis. I am to go and see him on Thursday.

I broke my spectacle rim. I wrote to Sill granting Mr S[cotland]s request for a new stove.

18th December 1935 F Burleigh Wednesday

I sent a W. Knoll cheque to the Royal Insurance Co.

A sprinkle of rain fell this morning.

Don [WHITTINGHAM] had another good day. He earned about 6/6.

Fred Shaw is here for the weekend.

Peter Sale in trouble at Hillcrest.

19th December 1935 F Burleigh Thursday

Allan [KNOLL] motored to Dr Francis.* We were there punctually at 2 PM, but had to wait 10 or 15 minutes. We got away from Belgrave at about 3 PM.

The chemist Mahoney said it would take at least ¾ hour to make up [the prescription] if we waited. So we decided to have it sent by post. Price 12/6

Will is road-making.

Allan [KNOLL] was not well at the Market last night and this morning.

Best str[awberry]s 10 d.

A nice day. Not too hot.

-* [Dr Shirley Elliston FRANCIS (1896-1956) - Medical Practitioner, 'Herston' Cottage Hospital, Belgrave]

20th December 1935 S Burleigh Friday

I wrote to A. I. H. - [Annie Irene HOLLAND (1920-2010)]

I got a receipt from the Royal Insurance Co.

Nice showers of rain fell.

Sun rises 4.45 AM + Sets 7.45 PM = 14 hrs 27 min. sun.

21st December 1935 W Burleigh Saturday

Wrote to G. H. H. [George Hubert HOLLIS, of South Africa]

1½ inches of rain has fallen in the last 20 hours.

Got my medicine from Mahoney (Belgrave)

I got a letter from A. E. S .

14 hours and 47 minutes sun.

22nd December 1935 F The Lord’s Day, Burleigh Sunday

Someone sent me a ‘Lilydale Express’

The man who struck Syd Bradley some 2 weeks ago was fined £ 5.

I am putting the black ointment on my gouty toe.

Mrs H[illcrest] sent me the rent.

23rd December 1935 F. H. Burleigh Monday

4:55 sets 7:42

Allan [KNOLL] had a big staff on: Les[WHITTINGHAM], Ada[KNOLL], W.K. [KNOLL], Bill Hollis, & his own three children [Eily KNOLL, Bill KNOLL, Ron KNOLL]. He has Rasps, Logans & green peas & strawberries.

I got a letter from Mrs MORRIS

& (a letter) from Ruth SUCKLING.

The rasp[berry]s take a lot of picking.

Bill Hollis is a poor picker.

24th December 1935 F Burleigh Tuesday

Peas brough about 36 /- yesterday. A nice day.

Ida & Rene do not appear to be coming for a week or more. Ida has a poisoned finger.

W.K. put the roof on his woodshed.

25th December 1935 Christmas Day, Burleigh Wednesday

About 10 points of rain fell during the night.

Don gave me a handkerchief.

Don, Joy & Les are picking for Allan with Eileen, Bill, Ron & W.K.

Bert Waring was married on Monday to an English lady. Tom Frazer was best man.

Ed (& B.F.S.) called.

Ted HILLI & Aggie have been to the Finnish Mission in South Melbourne.

Today drizzled on and off. Not a nice day for fruit picking, or picnicking.

Green peas and chicken for dinner.

The pet magpie disappeared after 9 AM. We had here 49 days.

About 40 points of rain fell in 2 days.

26th December 1935 F Burleigh Thursday

Emma called. Their cow is breaking into Les Sessions. I wrote to Les.

Emma & Luckhursts are painting & improving their houses.

Ed called and brought back our magpie.

W.K. & the children are picking rasp[berry]s.

27th December 1935 F Burleigh Friday

Mr William Chapman & Mr Walter Chapman called for an hour or so,

Mrs Chapman x 2, Dora & Gordon stayed at Mary’s.

Mrs C. has a cough, well otherwise. He seemed fairly well. Mrs C. is just the same, but is getting thinner.

I wrote to A. I. H. Cool weather. - [Annie Irene HOLLAND (1920-2010)]

28th December 1935 F Burleigh Saturday

A bit drizzly at times, but no amount of rain fell.

Ada has a blind boil under the arm.

Don picked rasps for jam.

Don and E.Bill set about 12 rabbit traps.

Les visited Fred Shaw.

Olive got a case of apricots.

After one week of Dr Francis’s* medicine I am about the same.

My toe is still painful at times.

-* [Dr Shirley Elliston FRANCIS (1896-1956) - Medical Practitioner, 'H

29th December 1935 F The Lord’s Day, Burleigh Sunday

Allan’s whitlow has broken.

Don caught a cat, but no rabbits.

Ray T. FRITH is 21. His engagement is announced in ‘The Sun’.

Don & friends tried the new bat.

Mary intends going to the Upwey Convention this afternoon & evening.

Mrs Ragg & Mrs Rossiter called. I only got a glimpse of them.

Will went to Alice’s (and to Chiesq????)

30th December 1935 F. H Burleigh Monday

Will is hoeing the potatoes.

Will, Ol & Les were called upon to pick beans for Allan. Total: 422 lbs. Beans are a big price in the market.

A.C.Parker called.

Harold Robinson [Harold Mansfield ROBINSON] is to be married to one of the Aylett girls of Monbulk. [Doreen Amanda AYLETT 1908-1959] .

Don & Bill Hollis each picked 25 lbs of rasps this morning.

31st December 1935 F Burleigh Tuesday

Allan sold his beans (overnight) at from £2 to £3 per 100, but the market slumped badly in the morning. He got little or no sleep.

Les has started reading the New Testament for 7/-.

Mrs Luckhurst called and paid me £2.

Chas Knoll called.

My toes are still much the same & troublesome.

Ed [Edward Arthur HOLLIS] met Tom Stephen’s [STEVENS] son at the Woori Yallock Creek. [Tom’ Thomas McWhinney STEVENS 1880-1962]

He says Tom and Mrs McWhinney are still alive. [WHICH WOULD SEEM TO BE UNTRUE – Tom’ Thomas McWHINNEY, - b.abt 1848 County Down - d. 1933 Loch, nr Korumburra, South Gippsland @ 84yrs & his wife Euphemia Dandie HARLEY McWHINNEY, - b.abt 1851 Collingwood, Vic. - daughter of Robert HARLEY & Euphemie DANDIE of Hesket/ Rochford, d.1929 Loch, nr Korumburra, South Gipplsand @ 78 yrs ]

Ted Luckhurst is 62 years old. Mrs Luckhurst is about 5 years older

Amy Benham is about 38 years. [BENHAM, Amy Minnie Norah LUCKHURST (1901-1983) Mrs Vic Benham]

The "Smiler" of mention below, was Horace Richard Laurence "Smiler" BROWN (1910 Yarra Junction - 1970 Frankston) who married about 1936 to Olive Ada (ex-Whittingham) KNOLL (1902 Wandin South- 1981 Frankston) with their daughter Linda Chrystabel BROWN who was born in 1937 in Wiseman Road, Burleigh and died in 2003 at Frankston.


1st January 1936 F H Burleigh Wednesday

Ida and Irene HOLLAND called and stayed to dinner and tea. Rene went to the Silvan social last night. Rene is now tall.

Allan was busy and sent for Olive, Les & Joy at 10.30. AM. Joyce was home.

Mary went to the Upwey Convention.

2nd January 1936 F H Burleigh Thursday

Ida & Rene Holland went back. They intend to see Bella Webb & co.

Olive, Les & Don are picking rasps for Allan.

Joy has gone back to Alice.

Will is hoeing potatoes & peas & passions.

Rene has grown up a lot since I last saw her. Ida is much the same, only a little deafer.

3rd January 1936 S Burleigh Friday

I am reading ‘Power From On High’ by Rev John Greenfield, Moravian Evangelist.

Mary got this book at the Upwey Convention.

A light shower fell at mid-day, and a heavy shower at 3 PM. About 40 points of rain fell in all.

4th January 1936 F Burleigh Saturday

Joyce came home because two jumpers [jumping jack ants] bit her on the foot and it swelled up considerably.

Les visited Fred Shaw.

Ol is not v well.

There has been a storm in the Mallee and 8 inches of rain fell there.

Bill Knoll has promised to read the N.T. [New Testament] for 7/- .

5th January 1936 F The Lord’s Day, Burleigh Sunday

Early this morning the temperature was decidedly cold.

Barb [KNOLL SHAW], Alice [KNOLL JOHNS], Law [JOHNS], & Ed [HOLLIS] called.

Ed [HOLLIS] has been fishing this year and caught fish. He [Ed A HOLLIS] and Don [WHITTINGHAM] are preparing for fishing next Saturday.

Ed [Ed A HOLLIS 1878-1945] has picked up to 100 lbs of rasps in a day this season.

6th January 1936 F Burleigh Monday

Allan has appointed a manager of his pickers during his absence.

I put rivets into my boot.

Jacky Knoll’s 5th birthday [John Alexander KNOLL b.1931 Burleigh]

11 cwt of peas and beans were picked today.

7th January 1936 F Burleigh Tuesday

Les has gone to help with the rasp[berry]s.

Ada visited Barb. She is well, but tired.

Cliff has a good crop of peas almost ready.

Norman Jope was at A.C.Parker’s last Sunday. His wife is dead. He is staying at Monbulk for a holiday.
[Norman Richard JOPE, b.1882 Traralgon – son of South Wandin Schoolteacher from 1890, Mr Richard Edwards Jope & wife, Mary Ann Rhodes. (Norman married.Vic.1919 Mary Francis HAMBROOK) d.1964 Heidelberg @ 82yrs]

8th January 1936 F Burleigh Wednesday

Jack Anderson carted loads of metal for Will.

[John 'Jack ANDERSON -b.1913 Essendon –son of J E Anderson & Sarah Thomson- (m.Vic.1932 Coraline Daphne SEAMER) -d.1971 ]

Bill Knoll set traps & started to read the N.T. for 7/-.

Ada got a long letter from I. N. W.

9th January 1936 H. S. Burleigh Thursday

Chas & Cliff has about 2 inches of rain in ten minutes in a flood of rain – about 195 points.

A.C.Parker called but got wet going home. He told me of the Jope family, etc.

Smiler (Horace Brown) commenced to knapp (Monbulk) metal.

Mr H. Dennis fell out of bed and broke two ribs about 10 – 14 days ago,

-philanthropist The cow calved a bull. It was killed at once.

10th January 1936 S Burleigh Friday

Don was greatly disappointed at not being able to go fishing owing to the heavy rain.

I got a letter from A. I. H. [Annie Irene HOLLAND (1920-2010)]

Will has finished breaking stone near the shed.

My bed got badly soaked by a heavy shower yesterday.

I walked to the blackberries on the hill. A few points fell.

11th January 1936 S Burleigh Saturday

Chas & Cliff has about 2 inches of rain in ten minutes in a flood of rain – about 195 points

We sent back Barb’s poultry book by Fred.

I am reading Keswick Quarterly article by W.P. Nicholson on ‘The Baptism of The Holy Spirit’.

Will made improvements at the back verandah. He also put down metal at the back of the house.

Jacky Knoll has a tricycle.

“Bill”, Allan’s manager called. A sprinkle of rain fell.

On the longest day, sun rises 4:54, sets 7:41. Three weeks later 5:9, 7:45.

12th January 1936 F The Lord’s Day, Burleigh Sunday

Chas & Kittie & Barb visited us. Chas is not v well.

All hands, except myself, went to church in the morning. The Rev. K. Mathieson preached.
N.J. did not come.

Smiler called. [Horace Brown}

13th January 1936 F Burleigh Monday

Will went to visit Vic Benham’s for passion plants. About 40 of Will’s plants died in the peas.

Les dug his garden with a mattock. He planted potatoes. G. Curl variety.

Rex nipped Ron Knoll.

Allan [Knoll] has a new dog.

14th January 1936 F Burleigh Tuesday

Will [Knoll} and Don {Whittingham} are pulling up wild radish.

I walked to Guthridges. [Richard Alexander GUTHERIDGE, neighbour's west]

Harold Robinson picked 500 lbs of peas yesterday. Today he is doing better.

Les [Whittingham] disfigured my walking stick which I have had for 8 or 9 years.

I wrote to A. I. H. * - [Annie Irene 'Rene' HOLLAND (1920-2010)]

15th January 1936 F S Burleigh Wednesday

I wrote to G. H. H. [George Hubert HOLLIS, of South Africa]

I broke my medicine glass.

The wire windows arrived from Anderson’s, but no doors.

Will [Knoll] is pulling wild radish.

A thunderstorm rolled up at about 10 PM and some rain fell.

Winnie came. [Winifred Florence HOLLIS, b.1911 Ed’s eldest. m.Vic.1938 August Bernhardt 'Bennie' OSTERMAN]

16th January 1936 F Burleigh Thursday

Olive, Don, Joy & Les {Whittinghma] went to the city for the day.

Allan [Knoll} reached here from the [Vic] market before 9 AM.

I am trying an experiment – ie: re-planting strawberry plants in the place where they recently died of wilt ! ?

17th January 1936 F Burleigh Friday

Bernie Wilken….



1936: THE GOSPEL HALL CHURCH: - AFTER BUILDING HIS NEW HOUSE @ 'HILLTOP' on Wiseman Road - Wilhelm Karl Knoll, a bit like King David of old, wanted to build a house for God, and began a campaign to build a rural district church in Burleigh, Silvan South. He did with with a keen sense of purpose, and soon united several churchmen and women of diverse Protestant denominations in the cause. These were in particular the Wilken, Johns, Parker, Edwards, Frazer, Hollis and Knoll families, so that the money was soon raised and the building commenced on donated land at the corner of Wiseman Road and Monbulk-Seville Road. The Gospel Hall's supporters were Methodists, Anglicans, Churches of Christ, Presbyterians, and Baptists, with K.W.Knoll who was baptised a Lutheran, most who came came from week to week no matter where the preacher came from. The Gospel Hall of Burleigh in Silvan South was opened on the 6th September 1936. It remained open every Sunday and for over fifty years afterwards, as well as centre of youth ministry in Christian Endeavour on Friday Nights and Sunday school on Sunday mornings for much of that time. Many locals were married in the Gospel Hall.

The crowd at the opening of the Gospel Hall, Burleigh, Silvan South, Sunday 6th September 1936.

- Photograph by Alice Marie Eliza Knoll Johns

Alfred Hollis' Notes to Self -

For acute Gout – (Dr Francis) *

Bathe the foot in hot water to which has been added one teaspoonful of bicarbonate of soda to the pint of water.

-* [Dr Shirley Elliston FRANCIS (1896-1956) - Medical Practitioner, 'Herston' Belgrave)

Notations inside front cover


Mr. Frank Parker - [Francis ‘Frank’ PARKER 1874-1953]
Raglan Street, Balaclava

Luckhurst interest as follows 1935 & 1936 [Daniel LUCKHURST of Silvan]

1. Quarter 17/3/35 - £ 2.10.0
2. Quarter 17/6/35 - £ 2. 8. 6
3. Quarter 17/9/35 - £ 2. 6. 9
4. Quarter 17/12/35 - £ 2. 5. 0
Luckhurst Interest for 1936 [Daniel LUCKHURST of Silvan]

6. Quarter 17/3/36 - £ 2. 3. 6
7. Quarter 17/6/36 - £ 2. 1. 6
8. Quarter 17/9/36 - £ 1. 19. 6
9. Quarter 17/12/36 - £ 1. 17. 6


From left: (back row)-Don Whittingham, Eily Knoll (Mrs Don Whittingham), Bill Knoll, Joy Whittingham (Mrs Noel Jackson), Ron Knoll, Fred Shaw, Valerie Johns, Harold Knoll
(front row) - Audrey Knoll, Marie Johns, Mr Will Knoll -holding Roger Knoll, Bernie Johns, Mrs Ada Hollis Knoll, unknown, Jack Knoll holding Dianne Knoll

The first two of the three Wilhelm Knoll Fruit farms in South Wandin / Silvan: Karl Wilhelm Knoll arrived in Silvan soon after he arrived from Germany in 1893. He first worked for the George Parker family, and then George's son-in law, Ted Reeves, who taught him English. Will Knoll married in 23 June 1897 and that same year bought a 38 acre odd section of George Parker's half-square mile of land, on top of the hill in what became Parker Road, Silvan.

1. 'Hohenheim'. This farmstead was called 'Hohenheim' meaning 'High Home'. All their five children were born there between 1898 and 1910. The children went from there to the South Wandin (now Silvan) school, where their mother Ada Hollis earlier had her education. In 1919/1920, with the World War ended, and soldiers returning for whom the Governmemt was looking for farms, Wilhelm wrote to the Government and offered his model productive farm for sale for the use the as Soldier Settler farm. This the Gov't jumped at and paid him a good price for the working property.

2. Hollis's. The Wilhelm Knoll family then moved in 1920 to the old Hollis farm south of Wiseman Road off Hollis Road, in Burleigh, Wandin South, where his mother-in-law Eliza Suckling Hollis was elderly and failing. She died there in 1924. He built a new house there in 1920, and also took over the languishing Walter George Parker farm next-door, from which he later excised the easement which became what is now called Knoll's Lane. He eventually gave a good part of that plateau-hilltop land to his daughter Barbara and her husband Cliff Shaw for a berry farm. His youngest daughter Alice was then ten years old, and she along with Barbara, had to walk the two extra hilly miles to get to their old school at Silvan. The Knoll girls did the walk with the Johns children. Later, after a spate of marriages, with all children independent, soon after Alice married Lawrence Arnold Johns from 'Hollis' in 1932, he thought to retire to Chelsea. So bought land there and built the house which is where they were all living at the beginning of this account. The old Hollis land was then sold. He kept the largely undeveloped land on the middle hill (Kerr's Hill) of Wiseman road, next west to his son Karl Allen Knolls.

3. "Hilltop'. And this was where he built the home 'Hilltop' in the middle of 1935 to come out of retirement.

* * *

Will & Ada Knoll's Golden Wedding Anniversary - Married 23 June 1897 - 23 June 1947 @ Hilltop, Burleigh, Silvan South,

Death of Mrs Ada Hollis KNOLL 24 Oct 1947 - (note: Corrections to newspaper text: 1. Alice (Knoll) 'Mrs L. Jones' should read 'Mrs L. Johns' - 2. 'Aubrey' should read 'Audrey'.).

* * *


The Widford, Hertfordshire Suckling Connection that shows the Relationship between the Hollis Family and the Parker and Wiseman Families of South Wandin Yallock. Family of :

Charles SUCKLING -b.1778 Widford, Herts d.1837 Widford, Hertfordshire
-m.20 October 1801 St George, Hanover Square, Westminster, London
Elizabeth BARTLETT –b.1775 Bishops Stortford, Herts –d.1833 Widford, Hertfordshire
1.- Rachel 'Parker' SUCKLING –b.1802 Widford, Hertfordshire –d.868 Widford, Hertfordshire
- m. 16 November 1822 St John The Baptist, Widford, Hertfordshire
- spouse:James PARKER –b.1798 Widford, Hertfordshire -d.21 Jan 1875 Ware District, Herts.
1:1. George Walter PARKER –b.1824 Widford, Hertfordshire --- of South Wandin Yallock - –d.1919 South Wandin Yallock, Vic.
-m.1 September 1857 St Philip, Stepney, Borough of Tower Hamlets, London
spouse: Ann Hampton WISEMAN -b.1829 Widford, Hertfordshire - of South Wandin Yallock - –d.1911 South Wandin Yallock, Vic.
1:2. Thomas Suckling PARKER -b.1829 Widford, Hertfordshire Sometime of South Wandin Yallock - –d.1903 St Kilda, Melbourne
spouse: m. & divorced, Vic. -Elizabeth PINNEY nee FAHEY (1841 Armagh –1915 Vic.)-
1:3. Hannah PARKER -b.1832 Widford, Hertfordshire - of South Wandin Yallock etc –d.1920 Widford Road, Glenroy, Melb.
spouse: m.Vic.1864 Albert WISEMAN -b.1838 Widford, Hertfordshire -of South Wandin Yallock etc –d.1906 Melbourne, Vic
1:4. James 'Jim' PARKER -b.1834 Widford, Hertfordshire –d.1910 South Wandin, Wandin Yalloak
m. Widford, Hertfordshire 1854
spouse: Martha 'Parker' LETCH -b.1835 Widford, Hertfordshire –1902 South Wandin Yalloak
1:5. Elizabeth PARKER -b.1836 Widford, Hertfordshire - -sometime of South Wandin Yallock - –d.1910 Caulfield, Victoria
spouse: m.Vic.1859 Arthur Ernest WISEMAN -b.1835 Widford, Hertfordshire -Sometime of -of South Wandin Yallock =–d.1892 Widford Street, Glenroy, Vic.
1.:6. Sarah Ann PARKER -b.1840 Widford, Hertfordshire –d.1874 Montréal, Quebec, Canada
spouse: -m.Lambeth 1859 George STRICKLAND -b.1842 Guilden Morden, Cambridgeshire –d.1878 Montréal, Quebec, Canada

2. George SUCKLING -b.1803 Widford, Hertfordshire –d.1883 Ware, Hertfordshire

3. Charles SUCKLING -b.1805 Widford, Hertfordshire –d.1846 Ware, Hertfordshire
- m. 21 Dec 1833 Ware, Hertfordshire, England
- spouse: Eliza RISTE -b.1812 Widford, Hertfordshire –d.1849 Ware, Hertfordshire
3:1. 'Lizzie' Elizabeth Emma SUCKLING -b.1835 Widford, Hertfordshire –d.1933 Elsternwick, Vic.
3:2. Jane SUCKLING -b.1836 Widford, Hertfordshire –d.1848 Ware, Hertfordshire
3:3. Eliza SUCKLING -b.1838 Widford, Hertfordshire -of South Wandin Yallock - –d.1924 Burleigh, Wandin South (Silvan South)
- m.Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Victoria 5 Jan 1862
spouse: Hubert John HOLLIS -b.1841 Long Crendon, nr Thame, Buckingham-Shire --of South Wandin Yallock –d.1888 Prahran, Vic
3:4. Sarah SUCKLING -b.1840 Widford, Hertfordshire–d.? England
3:5. Charles SUCKLING -b.1842 Widford, Hertfordshire -BRASS-SMITH & BLACKSMITH Of Greville Street, Prahran, & Wandin Yallock –d.1891 South Yarra, Prahran, Vic.
3:6. George SUCKLING -b.1844 Widford, Hertfordshire–d.1927 'Fernlea', Manor Park, East Ham, Essex.
3:7. Josiah SUCKLING -b.1846 Widford, Hertfordshire–d.1848 Ware, Hertfordshire

* * *

The Wilhelm Knoll property 'Hilltop' on Wiseman Road, was at least in the 10 acres of house & cultivation part at the road frontage, transferred to his grandson, Frederick Clifford SHAW, about the time Fred was married to Joan TARR in Silvan in 1948.

Alfred Henry HOLLIS then went to live with his bachelor young men grand-nephews, Bill & Ron Knoll, on the next-door farm. Then, after each married in 1950, he lived with his grand nephew 'Bill' Ernest William KNOLL (b.1925) & his young wife Eleonor Alice HILLI KNOLL (b.1932). He lived there till he died.

Alfred Henry Hollis died at age 71 on the 16th June 1952 there on Kerr's Hill, Wiseman Road, Burleigh Silvan South. It was a little over a mile from where he was born.

HOLLIS FAMILY PLUS @ YOUNG RON KNOLL's & BILL KNOLL'S, February 1953, outside Bill Knoll's House with family group next door to Will Knoll's @ Wiseman Road, Burleigh, Silvan South -
From left:
(Back ROW)- Ron Knoll's wife Laurel M. nee Jackel Knoll (26) holding Melvyn Knoll (b.May 1951); Mrs Emma Alice Elizabeth Hollis (54) with Henry Hollis's baby girl Charlene Priscilla Hollis (b.1952); Beverley Hilli (17); Audrey Knoll (13); Rose Whittingham (9) holding Dawn Whittingham (b.1952). -

(Middle ROW) - Kenneth Hilli (8); Roger Knoll (9); Bill Hollis's daughter Carol Hollis (6); Una Whittingham (6); Dianne Knoll (7).

(Front ROW) - Bill Hollis's daughter Maureen Hollis (3); Lester Hilli (4); Yvonne (Lesley) Whittingham (4); Bill Hollis's son Warren Hollis (4); Henry Hollis's daughter Sharon Hollis (4), Genevieve (Genny) Knoll (3). - Note: at right, David Wilken's shoulder!

* AFTERWORD - I. N. H. - refers to Ida Norma HOLLAND, from 1927 the widow of George Reginald HOLLAND, was formerly Ida Norma ROSSITER (1893-1973). The Hollands had only one child, Annie Irene 'Rene' HOLLAND (1920-2010) who is the Rene herein mentioned [A.I. H] and for whom he seems to be a proxy father] .